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Living and loving a four-footed friend and companion.


Today’s WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE was INSIDE, and I decided to use one of the many “inside” photos I’ve taken of my ever faithful and photogenic companion.  But how could I decide on a single photo when I had so many  from which to chose? Well, these were the finalists…


According to some new APP that analyzes photos for smiles, Saint Louis, followed closely by Kansas City, is the happiest city in the United States. I find that really strange since we live in such a miserable state filled and run by some of the bigoted, repressive, gun-totingest, Bible-belt politicians outside of Kansas and Arizona. In order to test this Smile APP Theory, I decided to review some of my Saint Louis photos for smile content.DSC00425




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, the photos reveal high SMILE content. As well as, a high level of literacy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I guess that APP was right.




Well, today was the first parade of the Mardi Gras revelries and as usual Mlle. Renee decided to sleep in. It was the annual Beggin’ Pet Parade in Soulard.

Actually, Mlle. Renee really isn’t into playing dress up. She’d be willing to nibble on a piece King Cake or even a Beggin’ Strip, but in the middle of a parade of canines (and cats) I’m sure she would rather play run, roll and chase. GAD-ZOOKS! I have visions of being pulled through the streets behind a pack of wild and crazy parade pets.

Besides, on Sunday, I like to sleep in, too.



So Happy Valentine’s to all of visitors to the Smiling Bagel’s online home.

Today is also the fifth anniversary of me and Mlle. Renee. I adopted her on Valentine’s Day  2009. And I think it was the luckiest day ever for both of us. She knew it was a special day, and she came into my bedroom about five in the morning. Actually, she was probably cold and wanted to sleep at the foot of my bed and keep my feet warm. It was a cold and gloomy day so we slept in and didn’t get up until eleven. She heard the mailman come up on the front porch and she had to wake me up to go get it. We actually received a Valentine card from Marika and Dash who live in Arkansas. Here she is checking it out.


We just discovered that Marika and I share a distant family relationship. Her mother was born in Alsenborn a village in the Rhineland of Germany where my Great Grandfather Franz Edler was born. Not only that, but one of the remaining Edlers in Alsenborn (all Edlers are related in Alsenborn) is married to her great-aunt. So that’s almost a distant family relationship, isn’t it?

For our anniversary dinner I made a cheese-burger pizza (no onions or garlic) which we shared. As you probably know already, cheese is Renee’s favorite food. Well, right after butter that is. The fifth anniversay is the Wooden anniversary. So I guess I’ll give her a stick as soon as the snow melts.



Remember what is was like when you were a kid … and it was a cold, wet, rainy day and you couldn’t go out to play?

Well, Mlle. Renee had the same problem today.

The search for the missing perfect toy.

The search for the missing perfect toy.


Blamo, the unstuffed lamb.

Blamo, the unstuffed lamb.


Multiple possibilities.

Multiple chewing possibilities.

A ball for Rob to chase?

A ball for Rob to chase and fetch?

A fake bone to gnaw on.

A fake bone to gnaw on.

Or maybe I should just take a nap. Rob will pick up all the stuff on the floorl

Or maybe I should just take a nap. Rob will pick up all the stuff on the floor!

And so I did. AGAIN!




Earthquake!While I didn’t feel the earth shake this morning, Mlle. Renee most assuredly did. This morning she came into my room and insisted that I get up. I looked at the clock and it showed the time as 7:24! I growl-grumbled a bit and tried to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep. But my insistent companion made sure I get up by standing on the side of the bed and looking in my face. I got up and let her out and continued to grumble about walking on the cold floor. I continued on to the bathroom, but before I got there Renee was knocking on the back door for me to let her in. I however made her wait until I was finished! Once I let her in, she was ready to jump back in bed and race me back to my bed.  And together we slept until the clock radio went off.

And that was when I heard there had been an earthquake south of Saint Louis at 7:22 this morning! Ok, it had only been recorded at 2.9, but still it was an earthquake. AND MY DOG HAD COME INTO MY ROOM TO RESCUE ME FROM IT! Or at least try to wake me up. 

I’ve been trying to convince friends and relatives that Renee is far superior to your ordinary weather forecaster. Before the weather wizards officially issue a storm alert, she has already tried to get me to go down in the basement as least five minutes ahead of time. I would presume that she can detect changes in the barometric pressure. And she has never been wrong. If she says we’re going to have a storm, we have a storm. And I alway follow her to the basement. Unfortunately, she does not understand why I won’t crawl in her storm safe spot between the concrete basement walls and the wash machine.





And by the way, this is my 900th post on Word Press! So hooray for me, too!





Not a day goes by that Renee doesn’t do something to make me love her even more. This afternoon I was in the kitchen scrubbing the roasting pan I used to roast yesterdays roast beef dinner. I admit I was too lazy to do it last night when I washed the other dishes. [I used the excuse that I was soaking the sides of the pan.]  Anyway I was standing by the sink scrubbing the pan when she walked up behind me and nudge me behind the knee with her nose. This is Renee talk which means she wants me to follow her some where. So I dried my hands and followed her out of the kitchen and into my bedroom where she stood and looked at my bed. I hadn’t fixed my bed after we got up this morning. She won’t get up on the bed unless the covers are all pulled up, and her fluffy towel is on top. I swear sometimes that she has the reincarnated spirit of my mother inhabiting her. So I pulled the covers up into their proper positions, and made sure her towel was in middle.

Immediately, she jumped up on the bed, and gave me her sad-eyed look. I sat on the edge of the bed and the sad-eyed look turned into her happy face.Poser

I pulled my legs up onto the bed, and she immediately nuzzled up to them. So I said, “The roasting pan can wait to be cleaned.” And I took her advice to take an afternoon nap. Now tell me she isn’t one smart dog!  So we napped until she heard the mailman come up on the front porch to deliver the mail.


Unfortunately, the roasting pan didn’t wash itself.




This morning I heard Mademoiselle Renee tip-toeing into my bedroom to wake me up. I don’t know why she tip-toes into my bedroom when her sole objective is to wake me up anyway. Guess it must be her canine upbringing. After she gets into the room, she stands there looking at me to see if my eyes are going to open up. If they don’t, she’ll put a paw on the bed to shake it a couple of times.

Today, I fooled her. Just as she was going to put her paw on the bed, I opened my eyes and said, “I’m awake!”

Then I looked at the clock.

“OMG,” I groaned. “It’s just seven forty-three.”

Actually, does anyone actually verbalize OMG in every day conversation? And if they do, does that mean our vocabulary is really being shortchanged by the effects of social media.

Anyway, I had just groaned something about it being seven forty-three.

“I have to go pee, boyo, and you know I’m not tall enough to reach the lock with my teeth,” she said pretending to be an Irish Setter and/or Wolfhound.

“Lassie would have been able to!” I muttered as I crawled out of bed.

“How come, just how come … there’s never a me day?” I shouted.

“Most probably because you adopted me from the animal shelter, instead of breeding your own offspring,” she muttered, “Now, get off your anthropomorphizing trip and fix us something to eat.

anthropomorphize,  [ˌænθrəpəˈmɔːfaɪz] vb.
To attribute or ascribe human form or behavior to an animal, object, biscuit, etc.

And so I did …DSC07483

I haven’t whipped up a batch of scratch biscuits in a long time, and these were the best ever. High, light and flakey!DSC07484

I even treated her to one … just butter, no jam.DSC07486

And just because today is ME! Day, I turned the biscuit dough trimmings into …DSC07487

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Minis

Everyone deserves a ME day! So when you do something special, such as sneaking a word like anthropomorphize into your Sunday morning ramblings, declare a ME day for yourself. You don’t have to make flakey-light biscuits from scratch, but Mlle. Renee highly recommends that you do … especially if you’d like her to visit.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ME DAYS & Adopted Companions

 Recommended for humans everywhere by Mlle. Renee


By everyone’s guesstimate,  Mlle. Renee was probably born in early May of 2008. So, Renee and I decided that we would celebrate her birthday each year on Mother’s Day. And even though neither Renee or I know who or what her mother is/was, all things considered, that is a rather cool day on which to be born. And Renee really did love her mom. Anyway, today we celebrated! But I’ll let her tell you about that.

I was so excited about my birthday today I just couldn’t sleep. Would you believe it, I’m actually five today, and you know what that means in human years? That’s right, the big  three five, which means from now on numbers don’t count for birthdays. The first thing I did was to go in and wake Rob up. He grumbled something about sleeping in, but after I shook the bed a dozen or more times he got up and opened the door so I could go out and run around and check the grounds for intruders like rabbits …  and snakes. I hate snakes even more than Rob does. But I’m not afraid to pick them up like he is! I pick them up with my teeth and shake them silly … or until they stop wiggling around. There were no intruders, so I went back in the house and jumped into bed with him. He won’t say anything, but I think he likes when I snuggle next to his legs and warm his legs on chilly mornings like today.  After a while the radio started playing music and it was time for Rob to  get up and make breakfast. He gave me dry IAMS, and made flaky layer biscuits for himself. I gave him the mean on man stare, and he finally gave in and removed a couple of layers of his biscuit … spread a little butter on them … and put them on top of the IAMS. I really didn’t want the layers of the biscuit, but how else was I going to get the butter. I licked the butter of the biscuit layers, and when I saw him watching me I ate the layers, too. The IAMS can wait until I get hungry later.

After breakfast it was PRESENT TIME. I don’t know why he wraps things up … he knows I’ll only rip the paper up and he’ll bitch about cleaning up the mess on the floor. But the present was too cool to rule!  It was a snazzy new, and totally fashionable nylon necklace of red, pink and purple. I ❤ it totally! It goes so well with my hair.  



Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the dent in my neck all the time. That happened when I was just a little pup before I was rescued by HSMO. They picked me up on the street and discovered a tight rope collar had embedded itself into my neck. I was kind of skinny, too. So after the nice ladies gave me something to eat, the doctors waited until I dozed off  and while I was sleeping they surgically removed the old rope that was growing into my neck. They wrapped it up with medicine I didn’t like, but when I got well and healthy after a few months they let Rob take me home with him.



You can still see where my neck was hurt, but my new necklace will cover that up most times.  So I’ll never take it off!. It has three cool charms on it that jingle-jangle when Rob takes me for walks. One charm is a golden bone engraved with my name. Another says I’ve had all my shots and vaccinations. And the last I’m a natural-born doggie of West Walnut Manor.

And that’s not all! Rob also made me some special treats!DSC07071

They’re carob chip, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. Carob is sort of like chocolate, but isn’t. Rob says chocolate is bad for me, but he eats it all the time. So that’s why he  made me these special cookies.DSC07068

Smells good!DSC07069

Tastes even better!


Even the crumbs are good.

Don’t know why Rob won’t eat any of them.

Oh, well, just more for me!

This has been my best birthday yet!



Yesterday, I was racing to get all of the lawns mowed before our next week of rain (and possible snow) begins. I was doing pretty good until my stomach started to growl. So I called time out for a bologna sandwich break. Naturally, Mlle. Renee followed close behind when she heard bologna. See, we have a little game we play whenever I make a bologna sandwich. We call it Catch the baloney worm. As you probably know, when you make a bologna sandwich a portion of the sausage meat always remains stuck to the red bologna casing. I always run a paring knife around the inside of the casing and remove the long thin remnant of meat. It does sort of look like a long thin worm.

So Renee sits at the end of the table and waits for me to drop the baloney worm.DSC06916

Please note that the baloney worm is not sitting on her nose. The camera caught it falling in mid-air. A fraction of a second later, her tongue darted out and caught the baloney just like a lizard. She never misses.

Do you think we have too much time on our hands? Guess my mother would have said, “Stop playing with your food!”


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