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Memorial Day … The Unofficial Start Of The 2015 Summer Season

After a Sunday evening filled with wall-to-wall video weather wizards spouting impending dire doom from potential tornados that might be lurning in the storm darkened skies, the sun came up on a bright and sunny Monday Memorial Day. Of my seven real uncles (I don’t count my five uncles by marriage as real uncles) five served in WWII and I salute them for their service.

My favorite was  the youngest and my namesake … Uncle Jerome. OK, you ask,  how could an uncle named Jerome be the namesake of a guy named Robert? Thank a busy-body nun at Sacred Heart Grade School who was convinced he would have a far, far better school-life if he went by his middle name (Robert) than his given name (Jerome). I thank that un-named nun, too, Because by the time I popped into the world, his entire family was calling him Bob instead of Jerry.2 bobs

He was also my favorite uncle, too. And when he was old enough to join the WWII military, he joined the Navy!Sailors Two

OMG, shades of the Village People before their time!

My Uncle Bob was my last surviving uncle. He passed away early this year at age 89.


Woke up this morning in my usual Monday Morning Grump manner and turned on the Mac to check my calendar for today.MondayMorningScreensaver

The screensaver helps, but the grump lingers on.

Remember this?

Magic Coin

When was the last time you saw one of these? Do you realize that an entire generation has grown up not knowing what a silver dollar is?

Mlle. Renee’s New Toy Box


Due to the overflow of old toys she refuses to throw away, I had to build my faithful companion a new toy box. Now if I can only get her to pick up all the toys see scatters on the floor looking for the one she wants to play with.Sleeping In

Oh, by the way, due to the chill this morning she decided to sleep-in.



Everybody Needs A Spring Afternoon Nap!


And that includes me, Mlle Renee and her pal Rudy.

SLAM ART IN BLOOM … Minus Orange Flowers

Just to let you know that there were a lot of flower arrangements in the Saint Louis Art Museum’s ART IN BLOOM exhibit that did not contain orange flowers.

Enjoy the multitude of other colors! Don’t forget to click on the thumbnail photos to see a larger version and informational comments.

The Dog Days Of March





When I was a kid, we used to have a school holiday to honor our first president, it was known as Washington’s Birthday and celebrated on February 22 which really was calculated as his birthday. (Washington was actually born on February 11, 1732, under the Julian calendar in effect at the time he was born, but his birth date is reckoned as February 22 under the Gregorian calendar which was adopted in 1752.)  Then in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill intended to create more three-day weekends for federal employees by moving the observance of three existing federal holidays (Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day) from fixed calendar dates to designated Mondays, and by establishing Columbus Day, also to be observed on a Monday, as a new federal holiday. There is no truth to the rumor that Richard Nixon was responsible for changing Washington’s Birthday into President’s Day to commemorate all presidents, by supposedly issuing a proclamation on 21 February 1971 which declared the third Monday in February to be a “holiday set aside to honor all presidents, even myself.”  (Personally,  because a number of our presidents have been scoundrels or scalawags, I don’t think they all deserve a holiday.)  Now, my grandfather’s birthday is February 22, and he joked he wasn’t changing his birthday to the third Monday of the month to give a bunch of politicians an extra day off.  Unfortunately, while searching the family history I discovered that grandpa was actually born at home on February 21, but it wasn’t recorded officially in the birth records until the next day. I still celebrate both birthdays on the 22nd. (Note, the photo above is not my grandfather, but one of several portraits of George Washington on display at the St. Louis Art museum.)



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