The Night Before Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas … and all through the house … not a creature was stirring … not even Mlle. Renee! Or her pet reindeer!NightBefore


Vererans Day 3 This is an extremely rare family photograph. I don’t have a lot of photos of my brother and I with our father. He was the guy who always handled the camera. (As you can see my mom had a bit of a focus problem when she was holding the old Kodak box camera.)  This picture was taken in late 1945 or early 1946 on the front steps of our home in north Saint Louis. Notice the bright white steps courtesy of a weekly scrubbing  with Old Dutch cleanser. He had just arrived home, and yes, he always wore a hat. And when he didn’t, he wore the standard 1940s cap.

Happy Holidays!

Back in November I ordered my Holiday Postage Stamps from the US Postal Service. Since they never arrived, I made several trips to the local post office in hopes of purchasing some holiday stamps there. Each time, they were all sold out. Yesterday, I mailed all of my holiday greetings using  plain old run of the mill everyday stamps

And wouldn’t you know it …CristStamps.jpg

Charlie Brown and the holiday snowflakes arrived in the mail today! So I guess I’m ahead of the game for next year.

One Of My Favorite Old Buildings

BrowneBlgThe BROWNE BUILDING on Manchester in Maplewood

Don’t know much about the building, but it always catches my eye when I’m in Maplewood. With Christmas decorations and a bit of moon visit.



And the gifts were gathering 

In the rustic old rocker

In hopes that Santa Claus

Soon would be there!

My Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine 2

Basking in the sunny kitchen window!

The Results Of Laboring Over A Hot Oven!


COOKIES!  Nestled all snug in their air tight containers!

Mlle Renee comment: “Did you make any of them without chocolate?”

[Pay no attention to the All Hallows window hanging in the background. They really are Christmas cookies.]


My photo countdown to the celebration of Christmas … Day Three!

Day 17

Actually, the first decorations I put up this year was my pair of Christmas Trees. They sit on  a pair of shelved openings between the dining room and the living room. The trees are identical except for the decorations. Also they are pre-decked, so all I have to do is remove them from their storage containers and plug them in. It also seems like every year a new decoration is added to the trees thanks to two nieces who are very crafty.  When I was a kid we always had a live tree that went from floor to ceiling. My father was basically Father Christmas personified, and he always came home with the tallest and roundest tree on the lot. After he passed, I tried to maintain his traditions, but the availability of Christmas Trees just wasn’t the same. “Humbug!” he would have exclaimed! “They want an arm and a leg for a twig that’s not even a sapling!”   I actually bought a large artificial tree that could have passed for one of his select live trees when fully decked out. But after putting it up and taking it down by myself for ten years, I packed it in a storage box and moved it to the shelf in the basement. It sets next to the box of tissue wrapped glass ornaments that my mother collected for over more than eighty years. She died when she was 96. It was right before Christmas. I haven’t opened her decoration box since then. Times change as we grow older, but the memories go on forever.


My photo countdown to the celebration of Christmas … Day Two! While simplicity dominated the outside of the front door, I sort of went overboard with the inside … from an oversized stocking (hung with care) to a special guest appearance of a frosty snowman.Interior Door

And yes, Mlle Renee thinks the Snowman should be one of her play toys.


A photo countdown to the celebration of Christmas … Day OneExterior Front Door

Simplicity dominates the exterior front door. My dad hand-sanded and stained and finished that door over fifty-five years ago. It stills offers a warm welcome to all who visit.


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