This is the first photograph ever taken that shows a human being.  I did not take this picture. I wasn’t born until a hundred and one years later.

First photo of a human 1838


“I have seized the light. I have arrested its flight.”  LOUIS DAGUERRE, 1839

The picture, the earliest known photo to include a recognizable human form, was taken in Paris, France, in 1838 by Louis Daguerre. The human in question is standing in the bottom-left of the photograph, on the pavement by the curve in the road. He is having his boots shined. The exposure time for the image was around seven minutes and although the street would have been busy with traffic and pedestrians, everything was moving too fast to register on the plate.

However, the oldest known photograph of me was taken one hundred years later by my father. It too, had to be taken out-of-doors, because they hadn’t invented a flash attachment for the Kodak Box Camera of that era.Mom1940


“That’s my boy! And he sat still for this picture.” LEO B EDLER, 1940

In case you are interested, this was the camera that took all the family pictures throughout the 30s, 40s and early 50s. Don’t you just love that deco design?


For Christmas in 1955 I was given what would become the NEW family camera.  The Kodak Hawkeye Camera that finally used flashbulbs.


It took all the family photos until I finally bought my first real camera … actually made in Germany. OK, East Germany.


That was when I set up a darkroom in the basement. But that was when a camera actually used film.  Since then I’ve gone through a number of different cameras. And yes, I even had a Polaroid.  BRIEFLY!

And in all that time, I never once said,  WATCH THE BIRDIE! Though I did take their pictures.Waterbird

My most recent photo!




LittleDevil Ok, we all have our own little quirks, passions and temptations. Mine is one that usually only comes around once a year  at my local fast food eatery.



Yes, it’s that McMade meat concoction known as the McRIB Sandwich. I know it is just a machine masticated conglomerate of sundry cuts of pig meat parts I really don’t want to know about that has been reassembled into a what appears to be section of barbecued ribs drenched in tangy tomato sauce, covered with sliced onions and slapped between a hoagie bun. Go on, admit it … you get suckered into ordering them whenever they make their annual appearance. In my case, the devil makes me do it! And last weekend when I was out grocery shopping, the urge struck.

How could I resist?  The McShack was right across the parking lot from the grocery store. It was on my way home, and the devil said, “Go on, you know you want one!”  So, I ran in and ordered one, snuck it into my grocery bag and took it home. I knew from past experience that you do not eat a McRIB in public.

I hurried home, put my groceries away and sat down at the kitchen table to relish my tasty tangy tidbit. I picked my sandwich up and raised it to my mouth … and then the devil struck! Just as the sandwich reached my mouth, the sauce saturated pseudo-riblet slipped out of the bun and slopped into my lap! And it wasn’t the first time that had happened either. The devil makes it happen. And yes, I picked it off of my lap and put it back in the bun. And no, I didn’t lick the sauce off of my lap. Mlle. Renee, my housekeeper and canine companion did that.


This week, show us your interpretation of descent — experiment with your point of view and angle, or go even deeper with the theme.  For more information go [here!]Descent

Without the descent of the leaves from the trees, there wouldn’t be any FALL!




Mlle. Renee Takes Me For A Walk



Every afternoon Renee will walk into the living room and walk over to the rocking chair where her walking leach hangs. She will hit it several times with her nose to let me know it is time for our almost daily constitutional. (She doesn’t go out on rainy days. Smart dog, she hates getting her feet wet.) Some days I pick the route, other days I let her lead the way.DSC00712

She has her own favorite treks around the neighborhood.DSC00715

And most of them involve utility poles where she can check if anyone new has visited her stomping grounds. Recently, she discovered grasshoppers who seem to always hop into her path.DSC00707

Usually, they will hop away as soon as she sees them. Unfortunately, the other day a three-incher landed in front of her and failed to hop away. Naturally, being the great hunting hound, she caught him in her snicker-snacking teeth. One bite, and she spit him back out. Lesson learned, grasshoppers taste bad,

and she is not inclined to add them to her regular menu. And with that, she lead me back home where she could wash her mouth out with cool, clean water.

DSC00713She also knows there is a jar of little bitty-bones on the kitchen counter waiting for her return.

Those Autumn Leaves Are Really Nothing To Sing About!

Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day.  It was sort of like an Indian Summer … only it couldn’t be an Indian Summer because we haven’t had a first frost of fall yet. But my lawn with Autumn Leaves, so I decided to get my lawn mower out and kill  two jobs (last grass trim before winter and a great leaf suck-up) at one swell swoop. And when I finished, the yard looked manicured. Well, at least until the rain started on Monday night.

Come Tuesday morning, my beautifully manicured lawn suddenly looked like this.LeafyLawn

It was covered with twice as many autumn leaves as there had been on Saturday. Sure, I could blame it on the wind and rain, but I know better. LEAF DROPPER

My lawn had been attacked by the leaf devil who ran around the yard shaking the branches of all the trees and dropping leaves to the accompaniment of a glissando tinkling piano. It was probably named Roger, too.

Guess I’ll have to drag out the leaf blower tomorrow.




For this week’s Photo Challenge, stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine. Would the image inspire us to take a peek through the pages, listen to the music, or buy a ticket to the show? Would it strike a chord with viewers, making them reflect on or revisit memories of places, people, and experiences.

For more information go here!

I’ve had a photo in my photo files for a couple of years now. I always told myself that I’d use it for the cover of my autobiography if, and when I ever got down to writing it. At last, I found a use for it in this challenge.  CoverArt




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