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“It’s really not what you see that makes a good day … it’s getting the most out of what you see that makes the day GREAT!”


The sun coming up on the 30 foot tall Colorado Spruce Tree outside the kitchen window that I planted fifty years ago as a six inch seedling as a surprise for my mother.


Discovering a lonely petunia that seeded itself in a crack in the concrete under the deck where the parent plant had bloomed last summer.


Watching a praying mantis take a walk along the window sill.


Discovering the face of a happy puppy in a fluffy flower head.

So, all you have to do is smile and make your day as great as you want it to be.



Well, maybe one — S..T!


For the last two summers I’ve growing petunias in pots attached to the rails of the back deck. Last year they were fantastic. This year, not so because of the weird weather we’ve had. This morning (ok, this noon) I discovered a four-inch branch with three perfect blossoms on the floor and I immediately blamed the squirrels for doing it again.

But, I noticed that they hadn’t dug in the pot to bury the sunflower seeds that the steal from the bird feeder in the yard. Then couple of minutes ago, I looked out the door and I discovered a humming bird hovering around the pots visiting each of the pink blossoms. OK, I wasn’t fast enough to get my camera, but I have it ready on the kitchen table if they return.

Yeah, I also feel somewhat bad about mean mouthing the squirrels — especially since the white owl has worked and kept them away from the petunias all summer so far.DSC01463Petunias6:15


This week, show us something creepy — because hey, we can’t take photos of rainbows and puppies every day. Well, okay, I guess we can. But let’s branch out anyway! (For more information go here.)

Ok, since everyone thought my first post of an unstuffed cow to this week’s photo challenge was more cute then creepy. I decided to post this one that is sure to make you cringe. I shot it Saturday night in my backyard. By the way, the web was over three feet wide!. I didn’t measure the spider.



And to prove it I baked a fresh sweet dark cherry deep dish cherry pie. And to prove it my fingers were stained with cherry juice from pitting the cherries for three days.DSC01438

Ok, so it doesn’t look pretty! It sure tasted good!!!


This week, show us something creepy — because hey, we can’t take photos of rainbows and puppies every day. Well, okay, I guess we can. But let’s branch out anyway! (For more information go here.)DSC01461

Almost shades of the Godfather! It’s not a horse’s head on your pillow, but it is a slightly unstuffed bovine dog toy with big eyes. Renee, my dog, will always unstuff her toys until she kills the squeaker inside of them. Luckily, Miss Moo’s head survived the removal. So now the head sets on top of feet next to Renee’s pillow.

Here’s another shot to show nonbelievers. DSC01462


DSC01459Every year the United States Mints in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mint a total of 1,580, 201, 200 quarters in 15 different varieties. Except for a few silver proof quarters minted at the San Francisco Mint, they really don’t contain any precious metals. They’re just a bit of nickel and a dab of copper. And except for a few coin collectors, there’s no reason for anyone to hoard them. So why it it, that I seldom if ever get any quarters in change at the check out counter. In the past year, I doubt if I’ve received more than six quarters a month in change. And this is change that ranged from 25 cents to 99 cents.

This is a problem for me because I use St. Louis outstanding Metro Transit system for getting around town. Why not? My senior citizen fair for a two hour round trip is just $1.50! That’s a dollar coin and two quarters to drop in the fair box. (Metro Transit tip – use quarters and dollar coins. Unless they are crisp and new, paper dollars jam up going into the fair box. You are also liable to drop part of your 50 cents of nickels and dimes on the floor. That’s why I started buying a roll dollar coins at the bank. Trust me, they are not inconvenient to carry and I’ve never mistaken a dollar coin for a quarter. Also, it costs less to mint a dollar coin than it does to print a dollar bill. Also a coin will last for years, while a dollar bill wears out in less than one.) So when I stopped getting quarters in my change, I start buying roll of quarters as well as dollar coins.

But this doesn’t answer why don’t I get any quarters in my change? So here’s my opinion.  I don’t think cashiers (male and female) know how to count change using quarters unless they’re using one of those automatic coin dispensers. They’re nickel, dime and penny counters … 1, 5 and 10 and adding 25 or a quarter to the change count throws them off! When I went to school, the nuns taught us how to count using coins. They also taught us cursive writing and spelling. I may have to use spellcheck on occasion, but I at least know how to count out change using quarters and even half dollars. (What ever happened to half dollar coins by the way?) I also know how to sign my signature to a checks and documents.

Just my humble opinion from my iMac.  Feel free to add yours. Speaking of iMacs, my brand new computer (now named Minion J. iMac) doesn’t have a cent key on the keyboard. DRAT!


DSC01453Following last night’s thunderstorm I let Mlle. Renee out to answer nature’s call and discovered this to the side of the back deck. That web was three feet wide. I don’t want to think about the size if the spider.


My faithful computer of some ten plus years was retired last week. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t do a mass save of everything on old Sally iMac before I turned on the new as yet unnamed replacement. So now I’m in the process of doing it piece by piece. Boring and time consuming. Worse yet … I haven’t found spellcheck yet! So please forgive any typos. Oh, I just gave the new computer a name … Minion J. iMac! And to celebrate the official naming … the first photo to go through the new computer.DSC01442



Cecil was a proud father and a just ruler who was respected by the pride of lions he led and the cubs he fathered. Until  he was murdered by human lowlife who paid $55,000 for the pleasure of killing a noble beast who never lifted a paw to injure or even chase a human. The human lowlife was a dentist and hopefully no one will ever trust him to work on their teeth again. Some would say calling him a lowlife is rather harsh … he was just a sportsman enjoying his sport. Sure, but why did he have his guides wound Cecil with a bow and arrow before he moved in to shoot the fatal gun shot. Probably, because he didn’t want to damage Cecil’s head and mane which he quickly cut off as his trophy of his supposed hunting skill. The murder of an innocent animal is not skill and deserves no trophy. Yes, I’m currently backing the animals on ZOO!


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