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And the days grow short when the reach September … the northern … soon to be fall view from my folding chair on the back deck. (After mowing the lawn for the last time this summer.)DSC01563


There’s a saying in West Walnut Manor … if you don’t like the weather today, just come back tomorrow! And that’s the way the weekend started on Saturday morning. The sun was out, and it was a picture of FALL all over the place.

GoldenrodThe GOLDENROD was in full bloom!


And the leaves were still falling …IntoTheWoods2

Or totally fallen!

As the morning dwindled, so did the sun. And by afternoon the sky filled with dooming, gloomy clouds. As the afternoon gave way to evening, little balls of sleet began to fall covering the ground with a blanket of white. By Sunday morning it had all melted.

By noon today Winter arrived, and it started snowing! WinterWoods

First covering the branches and never-say-die leaves that remained on them …WinterWoods2

And then moving on to cover the ground and the leaves I didn’t get raked up because it was too cold to go outside.

Right now in mid-afternoon we only have a little over an inch of snow on the ground. But it is expected to continue falling through the evening and night.

So, what’s left to do …SnoDazeStickyBuns

… Other than baking SNO-DAZE STICKY-BUNS! A wonderful combination of butter, brown sugar, chopped pecans, cinnamon and white chocolate chips — just the treats needed to go with a cup of hot cocoa.


If you look closely you will see last night’s fall snowfall in West Walnut Manor that was still there this morning.FallSnowFall2


This week, show us your interpretation of descent — experiment with your point of view and angle, or go even deeper with the theme.  For more information go [here!]Descent

Without the descent of the leaves from the trees, there wouldn’t be any FALL!






It’s inevitable … Once fall arrives, all the leaves in the trees surrounding my back lawn decide that it’s time to loosen their grip on the branches they’ve been clinging to all summer and fall to the ground and litter up my lawn. Which means that I either have to rake all the leaves up or blow them all away with the handy-dandy leaf blower. Since each option requires a bit of physical effort, I try to put the chore off as long as I can.

Last week we had a great day of Indian Summer which the weather wizards said would be followed by a couple of days of rain. So I decided I had better get the leaves off the lawn before they got soggy. Bring on the blower!

It took three hours of lugging the heavy leaf blower around the yard attempting to combat a heavy breeze that was determined to blow the leaves back at me to finally round-up all the leaves and drive them to my compost piles at the back of the yard.

  Then I fetched my faithful summer lawn chair  to spend the rest of the warm sunny afternoon just relaxing. Notice that I really splurged on myself to get the perfect chair for summer reading and/or snoozing. Mlle. Renee claims that the chair  is the tool of the evil dragon that lives in the dead tree in the next yard and always tries to point out the dragon emblem on the chairs comfortable headrest. 

I really don’t have the heart to disillusion her by pointing out the emblem is really a lounge lizard and not a dragon. You have to keep the old dog on her toes, you know.

Any way I really didn’t spend the afternoon reading or snoozing.

I spent the afternoon watching the wind knock even more leaves out of the trees to re-litter the just blown lawn!

Fast forward to today!  The lawn is again covered with even more leaves than it was last week. So I decided not to repeat the leaf blowing fiasco. Instead I got out my handy-dandy Lawn Hog …   … attached the catcher bag that allows me to trim the grass and chop the leaves at the same time — and in just a little over an hour the back yard was a rolling expanse of green, grassy, leafless lawn!

At least until tomorrow!


And none of these leaves are from trees that grow in my yard!


I’ve made several posts about the rose bushes I planted in the front beds last spring. But they have always been side views taken from the front lawn. Today we had a lot of rain, and I was checking out the beds from the front veranda. (Ok, so I decided to get fancy and call the front porch a veranda. One of the definitions of porch happens to be veranda. Admittedly, it would have been somewhat pretentious if I called it  a porche or porticos.) Anyway, I was looking at the garden from above, and the flowers seemed more impressive.This is one of the hot pink bushes. Since the fall rains started the blossoms are larger and fuller.

This is one of the red bushes.The raindrops in the close-up gives the blossoms a sort of dew drop effect.

Now I have to go buy a special pruning shears to shape the plants next February. I’m so satisfied with the roses, I plan to replace the lilies at the end of each bed with another rose-bush. The lilies couldn’t take the heat we had this year, and the blossoms wilted before they even had a chance to open.

And that’s how my garden grows … along the veranda.




  Well, at least it seems that way with all the leaves I’ve been cleaning up for the last several weeks.  Ok, I actually spent more time sitting on the edge of the couch watching baseball games. Please note, sitting on the edge of the couch does not qualify you as being a couch-potato … especially when you’re going through alternating bouts of depression and elation.  And in the Wicket City it’s not over until you see the Clydesdales clomp down Market Street.

So while I might not have been faithfully tending to written endeavors, I have been collecting some images of the arrival of the fall season.

I was able to talk to the animals …   … well, at least a llama …

and some funky chickens …  … at the Forest Park Forever Fall Family Fun Fest. Ok, I realize that one of the chickens was really a duck.

I followed the growth of what I was sure was going to be the world’s largest toadstool  or other unknown fungi.    … until somebody cut across the lawn and decapitated it … 

I actually measured the oldest tree in the neighborhood I wrote about several weeks ago …  … it’s actually an aspen or popular tree and it is 25-feet in circumference.  You can figure out what the diameter is.

I also photographed what is probably The Last Rose Of Summer even if it is fall … 

And I captured a totally fantastic sunset …

Yes, that little dot is the moon … 

And that bird is trying to fly over it.

Finally, my hibiscus plants are trying to outdo themselves as you can see from this photo taken today November 8.

And that’s all for fall.   Except for raking up the leaves.





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