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MY WEEKEND CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY/SUNDAY, DAYS 334 AND 335 OF 2013: And when I logged on to WORLD PRESS today, I discovered I’m celebrating my third anniversary writing about my rather uneventful life here in the Wicket City. I failed to write an entry here yesterday, and I spent the day loafing around the house with Mlle. Renee in my pajamas. Mlle. Renee wasn’t wearing my PJs, I was.

Today the temps got up into the 60s and I decided that the day called for a walk in Forest Park. I planned on walking through the Kennedy Forest, but I went to the Art Museum instead. I took photos of the three bas-relief panels over the front entrance of the museum, but only the third one was fit for displaying. DSC08438

I’ll reshoot the other two another time. Still haven’t discovered when or why the panels were cut in half. Inside the museum I climbed up to the front balcony to shoot the Grand Sculpture Hall from the same position as the original 1904 photograph.

1904 - Louisiana Purchase Exposition

1904 – Louisiana Purchase Exposition – Grand Sculpture Hall

2013 - The Grand Hall - Saint Louis Museum Of Art

2013 – The Grand Hall – Saint Louis Museum Of Art

And if you’ve got a real keen eye, you should be able to see this piece of sculpture hidden in the photo from 1904.

Xenobia In Chains - Harriet Hosner  - 1859

Zenobia In Chains – Harriet Hosmer – 1859

Harriet Hosmer was one of the first female sculptors in the United States. You can read the DESCRIPTION CARD by clicking twice on the photo to enlarge it.

I also checked out my favorite cat at the Museum.

CAT - Alexander Calder

CAT – Alexander Calder

It’s a carved wood CAT by Calder who is a little more famous for his mobiles.

I also checked this work by Missouri’s own Thomas Hart Benton.  The lithograph …THB - LithoAnd the painting.


And a couple of fighting roosters.



Then I went home to play with Renee in the backyard.




MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR WEDNESDAY, DAY 310 OF 2013: Some mornings …SomeMornings

You just feel like laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Mlle. Renee walked into my bedroom a little after six … no, she didn’t want to go outside because she and I could hear it raining. Instead, she came in and woke me up to ask if she could jump into bed with me. She’s a very polite dog. “Come on, get in!!” I said patting the bed. And in a blink she was snuggled next to my legs … and snoring. I should be so lucky. Mlle. is a very loud snorer. So I just stared up at the ceiling day-dreaming about what I would or wouldn’t be doing that day. I’m a side sleeper and when I rolled over I was probably soon snoring … until the clock radio went off. Even though I don’t any reason to get up, why does the clock radio wake me up every morning? So I’ll be up and ready to answer the phone when Rachel, Louise, Mary, Ann, Mad Max and all the other robo-callers start making their daily calls. Mad Max is the gruff old man who starts shouting at you the minute you pick up the phone. “IF YOU’RE OLD, YOU NEED A MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM!!!”  What I need is for all robo-callers to be banished to the third level of hell.

THE AUTUMN LEAVES HAVE STOPPED FALLING: Well, my Wordless Wednesday post this morning said it all.

“Les Feuilles Mortes”

“Les Feuilles Mortes”

In case you’re wondering, “Les Feuilles Mortes” was the original French title of Roger Williams’ classic AUTUMN LEAVES. Really?  The DEAD LEAVES? I thought the French were romantic and poetic.  Anyway, the early morning rains stripped the all the leaves from the maple trees in my yard.  Leaving  a colorful carpet of even more Dead Leaves or to be poetic … “Les Feuilles Tombées”

“Les Feuilles Tombées”

“Les Feuilles Tombées”

Now all I have to do is wait for all the other trees in the neighborhood to finish dropping their leaves on my lawns.

TODAY’S ORIGAMI CHALLENGE – FROG MAN:DSC08155For some reason, I always thought a FROGMAN was a man in a rubber suit … sort of like Lloyd Bridges. This guy actually reminds me of an alien.  So I added a couple of touches of my own in the folding.DSC08156

But if I had used green paper, it actually would have looked like Kermit T.F.

TODAY’S MENSA PUZZLE:  Yes, it involves math!DSC08154

HOW TO TREK ALL OF FOREST PARK: In a lot of my posts here, I talk about trekking around Forest Part in Saint Louis. But since the Park covers 1,371  acres, I doubt if a lot of tourists to the city would enjoy trekking through all of the park’s key attractions in a single day like I did … ONCE! And although the trolley that went CLANG-CLANG-CLANG as it took Judy Garland to the park in the 40s movie is long gone, the city does provide a way for visitors to get around the park and all of its many attractions. Enter the new FOREST PARK TROLLEY … DSC08036

The TROLLEY is a bus that you can’t miss … and yes, that is a baby elephant sitting in the front seat.DSC08037As it makes its trip around the Park stopping at all of the key attractions …

DSC08030You can get on the TROLLEY at the Forest Park METROLINK STATION or at any of the 18 stops in the Park for $2-Adults and $1-Children 5 to 12 and your ticket is good for the entire day.  Naturally, you can also get around the park by car, but free parking is limited and if you plan on visiting more than one attraction very impractical because you’d be doing a lot of walking.  (There is also pay parking at the Zoo, Art Museum and Science Center.)




MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, DAY 281 OF 2013: I really had problems with my internet connection last night and all of the written portions of the post vanished. So I had to rewrite it all this morning. Guess the lords of the internet were telling me I had been too verbose.  That’s life. Anyway I didn’t get to tell you how a spent my Sunday. It was the Annual Forest Park Forever Fall Family Fun Fest, and I was there with my youngest brother and his wife and children and grandchildren. My younger brother is taller and looks older.fall

Here are the highlights in a montage … click each individual photo for full view.

It was a real fun day. But somewhat on the chilly side.




Now, can you find the young man doing the reflecting?

(Click on the photo to enlarge)


In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means CAREFREE to you!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day.


sunsetFOREST PARK - As The Sun Sets


If you’ve ever visited the Saint Louis Zoo, you’ve probably seen this gigantic weathered steel sculpture as you’ve pull off of I-64 (aka. Highway Forty) and into Forest Park.DSCF0378

The other week I captured close-ups of some of my favorite members of the entourage sculpture piece.

DSCF0379RHANDY RHINO - I did remove the many aviary comments that were on his back.

DSCF0380Gerard Giraffe - almost always doomed to being a partial close-up because of his height.

DSCF0381Charlie Cheeta - who usually moves faster than the round-about in front of him.

DSCF0382RAJA - the first elephant born at the zoo and father of four members of the elephant herd.

DSCF0383UMGAWA the Gorilla - what would I do without Johnny Weissmuller?

DSCF0384GREEN-EYED CANINE - probably the Werewolf Of Government Drive.

And if you click on the top photo, you’ll get an enlarged version where you’ll discover tons of other animals ranging from alligators to zebras. What’s your favorite?

I belatedly realized I forgot to credit the sculptor of this colossal work. The sculptor is Albert Paley and the title of his 100-ton sculpture is ANIMAL’S ALWAYS which is also the motto of the zoo. It is the world’s largest public zoo sculpture and it contains more that 60 animals. It was unveiled on May 25, 2006.


DSCF0364Last weekend’s celebration on Art Hill wasn’t limited to the grand opening of the new East Building of the Art Museum …it was a day dedicated to all forms of art and expression from across the entire metropolitan area. The park grounds around the museum were a midway of tents and attractions.DSCF0331 And it started with the park rangers astride their noble steeds.  Guess some city dwellers have never seen a horse before?DSCF0365Almost every cultural group in the city was represented.DSCF0366Naturally, there was plenty of food and refreshment sites, too!DSCF0368

And entertainment, too … with different group performing every hour. After I had surveyed all the attractions, I decided it was time to walk down the hill …DSCF0362

and head for home.DSCF0369

Forest Park is a great place for walking … running … skating … and biking, too!


Or just staying in touch with nature!DSCF0372


And if you look closely, you’ll notice that Mother Nature also occasionally tries her hand with a little artwork.

And as I left the park, look at the crowds trying to get into it.

DSCF0374I wonder how long it will take the people of Saint Louis to get used to using roundabouts?



So I decided to talk about how I spent Wednesday in the park. Naturally, “the park”  in Saint Louis usually means Forest Park which is the largest of the 111 parks within the city’s boundaries. If you want to include the parks in Saint Louis County, you’d have to add 64 more. So in all, there are 175 parks within the land bordered by the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. But I usually just visit two or three.

Anyway, on Wednesday I went to Forest Park to celebrate the birthday of my oldest friend, Mr. Bill. He’s not really my oldest friend age-wise, it’s just that we’ve been friends for over forty continuous years and we live in opposites ends of the metropolitan area. I live in the north county, and he lives in the south city. So Forest Park, being in the middle, is a convenient place to meet. It’s also the sight of the Boathouse Restaurant.

The Boathouse is located on the largest of the park’s chain of lakes.DSC06695

That allowed us to watch this gorgeous fellow as he/she fished for his/her lunch.DSC06692

DSC06694If you’re wondering, I had fish and chips for lunch, too.

After lunch we strolled the park taking in the masses of blooming flowers.DSC06683









We also decide to take advantage of the Great Art Free Every Day at the Saint Louis Art Museum. But that will have to wait for my next post.

To be continued …


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