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30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 22

30 Days Of Creativity – Tuesday – Day 22 — Today my Origami Butterfly is another variation that I created based on a number of models I featured in past posts.


The Lemon-Lime Butterfly

30DOC – Origami Butterflies … WEDNESDAY Day 9

Today, I created my own butterfly design…DSC00116

The Sunrise Sunset Butterfly

And my garden supplied color-cordinated blossoms to go with him.


Or her? How do you determine the sex of a butterfly? Looks like it’s time to visit the interweb again.


BEHAVIOR: The male butterfly covers his territory by flying the same flight pattern throughout the entire day. The female flies an erratic  pattens continually searching for food.

SIZE! The female butterfly is always larger than the male.

APPEARANCE! The wing patterns is different on the male and female.

EGGS! Another way of telling the gender of a butterfly is to watch and see whether the creature lays eggs. If you catch a butterfly and keep it overnight, if she’s female, she likely will have laid a clutch by morning. If no eggs are present, the butterfly is presumably male.

And who says my blog isn’t educational?

30DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 7


If  you believe in fairies, then you have to believe in night flying butterflies. They really do exist in the realm of butterflies, even though I’ve never seen one personally. I have seen large night flying moths when I was living in rural Kansas. I even found one inside the window of my office one morning with a six-inch wing span.Moth

So I decided to fold my origami version of what a night flying butterfly would like for today D.O.C. project.

Twilight Flyer


Though I really think he would be this shade of blue.MoBut4

The photo is actually a Morpho Butterfly.

WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS – The Missing Origami Butterflies







Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, share your own photo showing a CONTRAST.DSC00043

It’s really strange, so far this year I haven’t seen any moths or butterflies (or bees) visiting the flower gardens. So to rectify the situation, I created several origami butterflies to add to the garden. As Mother Nature would have it, she sent one of her frequent sudden thunderstorms we’ve been plagued with this week. And only one butterfly survived. In other words, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!”  Here’s the only butterfly and flowers that survived the downpour, my Photo Challenge entry to show the CONTRASTS between real and imitation nation.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that says BETWEEN.

Click HERE to learn more about this challenge.RedLily

This morning when I went out to see how my garden was growing

I  discovered this solitary radiant red lily

Between the usual multitude of snowy white lilies.

The first to blossom in three years! 


For some unknown reason, our daily rains failed to show up for FRIDAY 13! Instead, Renee and I woke up to rediscover a heavenly blue sky and sunny day you can only find in the Wicket City on the best of all possible days. And while I could have stayed home and mowed the lawn again, I said NO WAY! Today was my day for day tripping! So I slathered on my sun screen … (yes, I had a small basal cell growth removed from my cheek this winter) …  and headed for my corner MetroBus stop.


DSC09963The first thing I discovered was birthday cake celebrating the 150th Birthday of the City of Saint Louis.  As you might have figured out, this one was sponsored by the Saint Louis Shakespeare Festival n’ Forest Park. Every spring the Shakespeare Festival stages one of Shakespeare’s plays in a natural amphitheatre on the side of Art Hill.


This year they are staging TWO plays. Henry IV and Henry V on alternating evenings. And yes, admission is free … but you can leave a monetary donation if you are so inclined.

For those of you who need to brush up on your Shakespeare, they do supply a plot outline and character list billboard.DSC09964

Feel free to brush up by clicking twice on the photo.

Naturally the stage is positioned in a small forest of tall trees.DSC09968

For seating you have the option to rent chairs, spread your blankets and pillows on the ground, or bring your own favorite chairs.DSC09966

Notice that some early arrivals have already staked out their blanket and chair places.  Refreshments are available from a multitude of vendor tents at the top of the hill. And there is a long line of Port-a-potties for nature calls. Prior to the start of the play, buskers, minstrels, jugglers and magicians stroll through the audience. It’s a real fun night! Especially when it doesn’t rain.

Tomorrow, Part Two – I Talk To The Animals!



I’ve mentioned the West Walnut Manor Critter Diner over the last several years. It’s the spot where I put out seeds, crumbs and other edibles for the many different critters who drop in to dine in my back yard. Recently, I’ve added vegetable trimmings to the menu, and as a result the cliental has changed somewhat. The squirrel family stile drops in, but now they’re a family of five.DSCF0132_2


The doves still drop in all the time … and the starling still hasn’t learned not to sit where you eat.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe blue jay sits in the tree until the other birds have their fill.DSCF0141

And the Eurasian tree sparrows still share with their English house sparrows.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But we’ve had a new visitor recently …DSC09864

Just a bit of a bunny who discovered I’ve added carrot tops to the food box.DSC09866

Today he showed up with Rusty the cardinal.DSC09867

And they too shared the food box as the other critters do.

In West Walnut Manor all the critters LOVE their neighbors. Wonder if we could get humans to come together like that.



Wednesday, I posted this photo as my WORDLESS WEDNESDAY PHOTO along with one cryptic word LOST.



Actually, you probably would have had to click on the photo twice to make it largest before you would see that over the river and through the woods … in a little clearing under some shady trees, there is an elderly gentlemen sitting on a  bench and lost to the world. I also do that on my frequent walks through Forest Park. It has great places where you and just sit back and just communicate with the world around you. Here are some of my favorite spots.BrooksStreams

For total reflection … the park is filled with a complete set of waterways … ponds, streams, lakes, waterfalls and fountains! And they all come with convenient benches.


And if you choose to just lose yourself and talk to the Roos or other animal species, the Zoo also supplies convenient benches. But be careful, because they look back at you.


And if you bring a blanket, I know a grassy field where you can spread it out to just lie back and watch the popcorn clouds float by overhead.


And if you linger too long at just losing yourself, you’ll end up viewing a sky full of twilight silhouettes. Oh what an eyeful!

The Art Of Losing Yourself is not recommended on rainy days.


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