Esquire Saturday, I took a trip over to my favorite movie theater. The listing of films on the marquee looked like it was going to be a variations on a theme day. But my attraction wasn’t even listed.

I was there to spend the afternoon with Wolfgang …SatAftWolf

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that is, or actually one of many operas he wrote. You really can’t go wrong when you spend the afternoon with the music of Wolfgang and I had never heard today’s production La Clemenza di Tito (AKA, The Clemency of Titus) before.


wamActually, it was the last opera he wrote. He fell ill during its premiere in Prague in September of 1791 and died on December 5 of that year at the age of 35. Yes, he was young, but remember he was composing music and performing since before he was five.

I didn’t know much about the opera, other than one of main male characters was played by a woman. That happened a lot in operas written during the eighteenth century. And when they didn’t put a woman in pants in the role they used a castrati which was basically a gelded tenor which really makes my knees lock when I think about it. What I didn’t know about this opera was that two of the main male characters were played by women. And since the opera is set in the early days of the Roman Empire about 79 AD neither of the two women in a pants roles were actually wearing pants. In Roman warrior style both of their costumes consisted of leather breast plates, strap kilts and boots. (OK, for one brief moment I did giggle briefly thinking about a band of Lesbian bikers.) But both of the sopranos were outstanding, and they dominated the stage with their vocal performances.Tito

Basically, the opera was a melodrama set in ancient Rome and most of the plot was telegraphed. But the production, the performances and most important the music  was some of the best I’ve seen and heard this season. My Live in HD rating five stars ☆☆☆☆☆ and five high notes ♪♪♪♪♪


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