Well, here we are with yet another blah weekend challenge .

#1 – THE MENSA PUZZLE CALENDAR – THE PUZZLE WITH NO NAMEDSC05536No, your eyes are not failing you. I just happened to delete the in-focus photo and save the O-O-F one. I knew that the shaded square letter had to be a vowel. So I started with … and managed to find two words that would work. (CALLA and STAVE) Then I moved on to and after 15-minutes I threw my pencil down and said, “If I had a breakfast like I had yesterday …DSC05521

… I could have solved this dumb puzzle in no time at all.”  Trust me, the mystery letter is a lot further down the vowel chain.

EDIT: Right after I posted this challenge, I realized what the mystery letter was … and solved most of the words.


DSC05543Frankly, it’s a lot easier and far more accurate to use the grid guide on my photo paper trimmer. But you deserve something for putting up with this off day. So I folded you an imperial crown using Chinese printed folding paper.DSC05541

Maybe I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow, and then I’ll turn a 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper into a 8.5 x 8.5 square and fold you the incredible albino jumping frog.




I’m convinced that you should never try to play word games or even think about phonemes on the morning after the night before. Even if all you had done the night before was watch the recording of PROJECT RUNWAY you had taped the night before the night before. It was a dumb episode where they made dresses out of things they purchased at a hardware store and a flower shop. I think the shows producers ran out of ideas just like most of the designers this week. By the way, the answer to the above puzzle was sponge cake and spun. Well, I guess everyone is entitled to an off weekend every now and them. I won’t guarantee any improvement in tomorrow’s post because I be working with the same lame ideas I had today. On the upside I did get my Federal Tax Refund yesterday. That was less than a week after I e-filed my tax return. Trust me, the government isn’t going to have to borrow any money to cover my refund. Isn’t Phone Me, Maybe the title of the song that has gone viral on You Tube with everyone and their brother doing a parody video of it?


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