DSC05777 Well, since I mastered my weekend learning lesson on Saturday, I decided to use what I learned last week (Kite Base) to illustrate my Saturday afternoon visit to the opera via the Met’s Live In HD theater broadcast of Wagner’s Parsifal. Here’s the review I posted to my opera group.

Parsifal … loved the performers and their performances, but thought the tempi was a tad slow at times. (Sure, it only ran on for six hours.) However, I absolutely desisted the director-gone-rampant production. The post-apocalyptic scorched earth set with never-ending cloud projections was the dreariest I’ve seen since the new Tosca. And I won’t even go into the pool of blood covering the stage. And didn’t anyone else think the knights lumbering over the top of hill in act 3 resembled something out of Night Of The Living Dead. Attendance at my theater was down to about a fourth of the usual. After performance chatter was about 85% negative. ParsifalHistoricTraditional setting of the opera.parsifalAct1Setting for the new production.Parsifaltoday The pool of blood covering the stage.

And here is my origami visualization of the opera …ParsifalSwanSwan swimming in the pool of blood.


Well, since I never had a sister I never had to worry about getting into her diary. And if I did have a sister, I would advise her to make like Leonardo d.V. and use backwards writing (mirror writing) like I did. BTW, the guest chicken is named the Hubba Bubba Birdie.


OK, I’ll give you a clue on this one.  is the letter in the green box where the two words cross.


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  1. Ha! I love your origami reenactment. When we were in the suburbs to see the movie the other day, I saw an ad for these productions to be shown there. I’ve never noticed if they do this at any of the theaters closer to me, but since I’m not an opera buff anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter.

  2. Whew! Just went on a marathon reading session of your blog. Got a bit behind while my sister was here. Lots has been going on in Renee Manor.

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