Almost everyone in the county and a lot of people around the world will recognize this riverfront cityscape as Saint Louis. This is mainly because of the Gateway Arch that is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial which is a National Park that runs along the riverfront.

Well, as of next month, this might no longer be the case. It seems like  a new cable series will be starting on the SyFy Network that has our planet being invaded by nasties from another planet. Yeah, I know, it seems like this has been happening several times each season in the past few years, but this time they’re getting close to me in West Walnut Manor which happens to be one of Saint Louis’ nicer suburbs.

Thanks to CGI effects, this is what the Arch will look like in the series.defiance

Don’t know what happened to the river, but the Arch in now in center of desolation and destruction as far as the eyes can see. I guess those mountains are actually supposed to be piles of rubble, because while Saint Louis does have a number of hill, it really doesn’t have a lot of mountains around the Arch.


Now apparently the aliens weren’t able to get the blueprints showing the foundations of the Arch, because then they would have known that it would take a whole lot of whacking to bring that giant stainless steel croquet wicket down. I was able to get access to copy of the super-secret original plans …

And this is what keeps the whole thing standing!




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... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. I’ve been up in the Arch several times and now I feel better knowing what was holding it up. 🙂

    • Back in the 70s a local artist created a poster showing an actual blue print of this concept. It was a passing fad. After the original printing sold out, the poster was gone, and hardly anyone remembers. A company next to my bank had it painted on their front door. They went OOB, so I thought I better capture a photo to preserve the memory.

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