Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when from out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger rides again!

Yes, I grew up with the Lone Ranger.  But not on television!


 I was one of those kids who used to spend his late afternoons sitting in front of the big old radio in the living room listening to each daily episode.

The Lone Ranger existed almost entirely in my imagination.


Little did I know that under his mask he really was an actor named Brace Beemer. I also didn’t know that the hoofbeats of the great horse Silver were really a couple of half coconuts clumping on various different surfaces to mark his passages over sand, ground, rock and water.

The last new episode of the Lone Ranger was broadcast on September 3, 1954 … two days before my 15th birthday. I wasn’t even listening to the Long Ranger anymore. The big old radio in the living room had been replaced with a Magnavox TV and I was developing new interests. The Lone Ranger  was fading into my memories of YESTERYEAR.

Shortly after my birthday my parents bought their own house, and we moved from the northside of Saint Louis to the house in West Walnut Manor where I live today with a lifetime of memories.

I’ve decided to revisit some of these memories and share them with you. So I’ve created a new blog category titled LOST YESTERYEARS, and periodically, I’ll be using this space to take you on a trek back to some of my fond yesteryears.

NOTE … it’s not easy recapturing the past. Our old living room radio was photographed in the background of about three old family photos. Film was expensive back then, and my mother would never waste a shot on a radio. (Thank God for digital.)

I enlarged one of the photos as best I could and began an online search of vintage radios. OldRado I actually found an almost matching radio … the 1940 Philco shown at the top of this post. I actually think our radio was a bit older since it might have been a 1938 wedding present my parents received.


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  1. Radios were before my time. But I have plenty of memories of our various black and white TVs!

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