PotRoast If you’ll remember last week I made a fantastic beef round pot roast that served me well for a number of dinners and sandwiches during the week. Yesterday, feeling my leftover pot roast had served me well, I turned the leftovers into more leftovers.DSC06405


This is what I know as Polish-style White Bean Chili. Shredded leftover pot roast + a can of petite diced tomatoes + onions + diced green and red peppers + thinly sliced celery + garlic + chili powder (for flavor not burn) + a can of white beans + a splash of bourbon. Simmer for a while to allow all the flavors to blend and serve in a bowl with a sprinkle of shredded cheese and no more than 12 oyster crackers.

Now I have leftovers of the Leftover Pot Roast Chili!

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