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  1. Stay safe. We’ve been watching the national weather reports because we have a lot of family in KS.

  2. Not to worry, West Walnut Manor is located on high ground and my house is half way up a fairly steep hill. The River Des Peres really a joke. It only looks like a river when it empties into the Mississippi. It really was just a stream that meandered back and forth across the land between the Missouri and the Mississippi carrying off excess rain water. In sever rain storms it did occasionally overflow its banks. In the early 20th Century the city decided to deepen and widen the channel and allow it to carry the water draining from the storm water sewers back into the rivers. (Waste sewage is a separate system that goes to the treatment plants.) Amazing, we were actually thinking green over a hundred years ago. So when it isn’t raining, the Des Peres is just a lot of puddles. It’s also the location for the River Des Peres Greenway for walking, jogging and biking.

  3. Is your drought danger over?

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