Well, after three days of racing against the arrival of yet another week of daily rain I finally wore my self out mowing too tall grass, weed whacking  invasive growths and reseeding the bare spots left by last years total drought. I don’t think we’re going to be worrying about that this year. And weather-wise, the weather wizards have removed the snow potential from the local forecasts … just rain from late today to next Wednesday.DSC06802

So now I’m able to post Part One of my visit to the Saint Louis Art Museum that I promised to you last week.DSC06798

The finishing touches are underway in the museum’s new addition scheduled to open at the end of June. In the original Cass Gilbert Palace Of Fine Art (1904) all the galleries have been repainted, spruced up and rehung with a lot of art that has been in storage for years.DSC06796

This year, I’ve decided to take a closeup shot  of each of the six sculptures that stand over the museum’s main entrance. Each one represents some aspect of art and culture.DSC06797

The first work on the east end of the building appears to represent historic art and culture. In his right hand he holds a mini-Sphinx and in his left a symbolic tool. Feel free to comment if you can identify it. As you can see, the pigeons have not been kind to the young man. (Did you know that if you click on the photo, you will get an enlarged image? Click in that image and you will get an extreme closeup of the image.)

The first thing you see when you enter the museum is the Sculpture Hall.DSC06773Gilbert based his design for the museum on the ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla. Or what historians imagine what it looked like.

BOC CaracallaPalladio

The side bays each feature a an oversize work of art …DSC06705

From modern to historic …DSC06708A 2000-year old Mayan carving about six-feet high.

Because I promised Becky C, I’m starting my tour in the new Modern Art galleries.DSC06732

Van Gogh


The center panel of Monet’s Water Lily Triptych


A smaller work by Seurat.

Notice how the richer paint tones on the walls accent the artwork.DSC06752




Sometimes when the artist worked in painting and sculpture, the curators have positioned the two styles together.DSC06767




Well, that ends the Art Trekking for today. Hope you enjoyed it!

To be continued …


If you’re visiting Saint Louis, be sure to add the Art Museum in Forest Park to your don’t miss list. It’s FREE to all, Tuesday through Sunday. Closed on Monday.


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  2. FYI: The extension was designed by David Chipperfield Architects from London.

    • Yes, I know he designed the addition, and I admire the fact that he undertook the project. As the project nears completion, a lot of the nay sayers who worshiped the Gilbert building are beginning to come around. His building isn’t the sore thumb many predicted it would be. Since the landscaping has been completed, it blends in very well with the original museum building and the surrounding park lands. And the 300+ new parking spaces under the building is winning a lot of people over, too. I can hardly wait for the 6/29 opening. And I will be covering it on the blog.

  3. Oh my gosh, those paintings! So glad I can click on them and see them larger. This is on my must-see if I ever get to St. Louis. Thanks!

    • St. Louis has old wealthy families who shared their largesse and art collections with the museum. Do you like Max Beckmann and the 20th century German artists? They currently fill largest gallery in the museum. Modern American artists are now being hung in the new addition galleries opening June 29.

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