OK, I’ll admit it. I had a bad night last night. I couldn’t fall asleep. Now, I had no caffeine intake on Wednesday. And no afternoon nap either! I did get caught out on the street in a sudden rainstorm though, and got totally soaked from cap to toe. But sleep was totally evasive until sometime after a quarter of four. Then when my clock radio went off this morning, instead of my soothing St. Louis classical music station FM107.3 I was blasted awake by MIX – FM107.3 in Washington D.C. which offered bad rock and rap. How this happened I have no idea, other than the possibility of the stars being out of line or extreme bombardment of earth by solar flares. So, as you might have guessed, I was in a bad mood when I sat down at the breakfast table to find the above origami challenge on my calendar.

Now, since there’s only the dog and me living in the house, I don’t do a lot of formal dining that would require linen dining napkins. I have one inherited set of napkins, but they’re not really square. I tried folding paper napkins, but then I couldn’t figure out how the different steps worked. So, I conceded defeat. I failed my first origami challenge of the year! But in my humble opinion, fold napkins does not technically qualify as origami of paper-folding — even though I was using a paper napkin. So, sue me!

#2 THE MENSA PUZZLE CALENDAR – DSCF0272I’ll give this puzzle a try later today, after I swallow a handful of aspirin.


This was another one of those puzzles where you have to find the half-dozen cutout detail circles from the painting. The painting was one of those gloomy-gus dark things that blend into a monochromatic darkness. I couldn’t make heads our tails out of it using a magnifying lens. So I didn’t even bother adding it.

Did I mention I’m having a bad day today?


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  1. Maybe your bad day has something to do with Mercury being retrograde.

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