Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Share a picture of a COMPANION and explain why you chose that picture.PoserMEET MLLE. RENEE – MY COMPANION

And yes, she thinks she’s the canine equivalent of a fashion model. Pick up a camera, and she will immediately strike a glamour-shot pose. She has also been my companion since she was nine-months old.

Before that, hers was a hard-knock life.

She was either abandoned, lost or stolen when she was just a puppy, and she wandered the streets of Saint Louis for several months before she was discovered and rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri at age five-months. She was malnourished, and her rope puppy-collar had become embedded in the flesh around her neck. The HSMO gave her a name … SALLY. It was her first. The also gave her love, surgically removed to collar around her neck and nursed her back to health. And on Valentine’s Day, they put her up for adoption.At the same time, I had been recovering from the loss of two long time family pets … a dog and a cat. And that fateful February day, my brother came by my house and said, “I think it’s time for you to start looking for a new dog.” And he took me to the adoption center. I looked at a lot of dogs that day, but only one picked me out. It was like she was seeing a long-lost friend. So I put my name on her adoption list along with five other potential adopters.

After an extensive pet parent interview, I was told she would be able to go home with me.

I don’t know if she liked the name Sally or not, but I have a good friend named Sally and I thought it would be a good idea to give my new Sally another name. For over two weeks we went over a long list of potential names. Rex, Ralph, Roscoe and RinTinTin were all great names, but they didn’t seem very appropriate for a cute young lady puppy.  Then I though of Renee, and to make it a bit French I add Mademoiselle. So Mlle. Renee became her official name on her first license and vet records.

Over the past four years we’ve developed much more than a pet/person relationship — we’ve become companions. We both NEED each other! And while she’s quite fond of my brothers and nephews, I’m still her best guy. And she’s my Renee.

She’s also a firm supporter of the Humane Society of Missouri.RENEEPSA


About Robert Edler

... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. I love stories of animal rescue… Renee (aka Sally) is beautiful in her diva pose…

    • Renee knows she was very lucky, and she is the happiest dog I have ever known. Would you believe that when I take the trash dumpster to the curb, she has to follow along carrying a milk bottle that she plays with in the yard?

  2. It’s nice that you rescued each other and moved on to a life full of St. Louis adventures. I LOVE your bench – what a great thing to do. 🙂

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