MY DAILY CALENDAR…DAY 183, 184, 185 – JULY 2, 3, and 4, 2013

Arch fireworksWell, while I really only missed posting on one day during my recent bout of internetous interuptous, I decided to come back with a bang to celebrate Independence Day. Do you know that I have never gone down to the riverfront to celebrate Fair Saint Louis in all the years it has been celebrated? Too many people and much too hot. And even though the temps are very moderate this year because my dear companion, Mlle. Renee is a victim of Fourthaphobia. Actually she fails to understand why the kids visiting the neighborhood today waste all their money on buying fireworks when they could be spending it on hotdogs, bacon and cheese. Also, four-paws are persona non-gratia at Fair Saint Louis  on the Arch Grounds. So we will just take her tranquilizer, eat our favorite Fourth-foods, and watch my favorite Fourth-film 1776 at high surround sound volume in an attempt to drown out all the booms, blasts, bangs and firetrucks outside our little home. I love the fourth, I adore professional pyrotechnic displays, but I totally abhor uncontrolled parents and children running around like pyromaniac zombies risking life and limb. I don’t care about their life or limbs, it’s the life and limbs of Renee and myself  that I worry about.

TUESDAY, DAY 183 – It actually rained all night and day … and then some. We’ve been having so much rain that mushrooms, toadstools, and sundry other fungus have been sprouting all over my lawns. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I have to go out and mow the fungus.”


Does anyone besides myself ever send letters these days? This letter fold is unique and easy to do. Unfortunately, a folded letter would not make it through the mails these days. Even it they are written on Renee’s personal photo stationery.


Here’s what the Renee Stationary looks like before being folded.RENEE-DT

It’s also the PanoRenee Desk Top Photo on my computer.

WEDNESDAY, DAY 184 –  Got up awfully early to straighten up the house before the cable-man arrived to reignite my internet connection. Once he successfully completed his task, I got cleaned up to go and do a bit of grocery shopping. This has become a risky endeavor in the past week or so because the local transit workers have been planning a surprise/unannounced walkout and work stoppage. Guess they’re trying to get people to go out, and then strand them with no way to get home.


Has anyone ever seen a four-point star? I just checked the inter-web and discovered that there is a four-pointed star called the Star Of Bethlehem or the Christmas Star … so I guess this is a valid origami project. It was a little tricky to fold but I successfully completed it.DSCF0410

THURSDAY,  DAY 185 – Since it was the Fourth Of July, Renee and I had a special holiday breakfast …DSCF0402

Oat Nut Bread French Toast – Crisp Bacon – Ripe Red Plums


Remember when I once told you that  with Origami you have to use your imagination a lot of the time. Today is one of those days.DSCF0414

Back when I was I kid this PUFF STAR would have been called a spit ball. At least my puffy phalanges gave it their best.

And that’s my three-day holiday recap from my little corner of my world.DSCF0404My little corner of the inter-web world! AKA, my creative office.

Since I had to clean it up so the cable-man could fix my internet connection, I decided that I should preserve it for history.


About Robert Edler

... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. I like your corner …. I will have to take a pic of my office

  2. I recognize some of the books on the shelves. =)

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