DSCF0327Cass Gilbert’s Palace Of Fine Art has been a treasure of Saint Louis since it open at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904 … more commonly known as the Saint Louis World’s Fair. After the fair closed and the fairgrounds were restored to their original condition, the Saint Louis Art Museum which had been established in 1879 and housed in downtown Saint Louis moved to the Romanesque building in the park where it has been a popular attraction for residents and visitors for over 100-years. The inscription carved on the front of the building might have been the reason for this.


Even though the building has three floors and contains 75 galleries a lot of the museum’s collection has been in storage for years and gone unseen by the public. To correct this problem, an addition to the original building had long been planned and three years ago ground was broken for this building. Last weekend the new East Building with 21-galleries was opened to the public. And I was there!DSCF0332

And all I had to do to get a near front row position was to arrive by 9:00 in the morning.DSCF0329

To be honest, my bus arrived at the entrance to the park at 9:00. To walk into the park and climb Art Hill took me fifteen minutes. So I actually arrived at the ceremony site at 9:15. But since everyone except VIPs and those with handicaps also had to walk up the hill, I beat most of them to the event site to be in position for the start of ceremonies.DSCF0333

Brent R. Benjamin – Museum Director, Francis Slay – Mayor City of St. Louis, Sir David Chipperfield – Architect and Jay Nixon – Governor of the State of Missouri.


Cutting the ribbon!

DSCF0345And the assembled crowd joined the cues to wait their turn to get inside and experience the new car smells of an art museum. When the new building was announced, the general consensus was that the design of the new building would over shadow the original Romanesque building. It’s amazing how it seems to blend into the natural setting around it.

It was also a wise move to dedicate the new building to modern and more current artwork.Add1



Original  And keep the classical art and artifacts in the original building.DSCF0353

The original building has seen a few changes and modifications to unite the two buildings.DSCF0354

Whatever your tastes in art, the museum at the top of Art Hill is a fantastic place to visit.


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  1. Yes, I see two of my favorite artists in the new addition. I need to visit their work there!

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