TUESDAY – DAY 190: Apparently the neighborhood’s fireworks larder has been depleted. Haven’t heard a snap, pop, boom or bang since midday yesterday … and Renee is overjoyed. You wouldn’t know that, because after a heat shortened visit to the outside world … where she had to lead me down the side of the house to show me the spot where the cable-guy had replaced the ground wire for the lead coming into the house … she came in to bask in the AC and take a nap on her beach towel covering the bed in my office. I spent the morning deleting non-keeper photos in my iPhoto files. The one disadvantage of digital photography is that you shoot a lot of photos you would have never taken if you had been using film. So I deleted about 230 photos this morning. That included a lot of the one that had been created for this journal. I also found a lot of photos I intended to post on these pages, but apparently forgot about. Not to worry, you will be seeing them in the near future.

Did I mention last week that I love the live people who answer the phones at Discover Card? Here’s the story … someone hacked the servers of the credit/debit card scanners of a major local supermarket chain and began generating impostor cards that were being used on the west coast and foreign countries. While most of the transactions were stopped and blocked as being out of the card holders use pattern, a number did sneak through. So most of the credit card companies began automatically replacing the cards issued to people living in the stores’ shopping area. So, even though I never used my Discover Card at the grocery store, I received a courtesy replacement card last week with instructions to destroy the old card as soon as the new card was activated. I did this immediately. Unfortunately, the new card except for the magnetic strip info was identical to my old card which was really only about three weeks old because it replaced my previous card with expired expiration dates. So when I ran the card through the shredder I actually used the new replacement card instead of the old replacement card. I realized this when I went to sign the back of the new card and discovered it was already signed.

So I called Discover Card to explain my stupidity and request yet another replacement card. I was surprised when an actual human being answered my call. So I started off with … “I did something stupid…” and explained what I had done. When I finished the young man at the other end of the line replied, “Not to worry, this is not the first time this has happened and I can take care of your problem.”  Then he added, “And would you like to send your new card with a different design on front?” “You better believe it!” It nice to talk to live people instead of robotics, and I’ll probably be using my Discover Card more when I have to use a credit card.


DSCF0459 Yesterday, I complete the first part of the Origami Cat. Today I continue with Part Two …DSCF0463


As I noted yesterday, I made a few folding changes to give my cat a bit more personality. So the differences from folding instructions are intentional and not mistakes.  So here are mes deux chats …DSCF0467

So which one is your favorite?

And here’s a Mensa Puzzle Extra for fans of Tom Hanks …DSCF0471



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  1. the kitties are so adorable!

  2. I love it that you were treated well by your Discover representative. I recently interacted with them on a different matter, and received equally great service. We need to talk more about the companies who do things right!

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