MY CALENDAR – TUESDAY, DAY 197: Yesterday while visiting the blog-site of a friend, I saw a photo of a pork chop and cornbread dinner plate and became ravishingly hungry. Luckily I had this waiting on the windowsill.DSCF0526

It wasn’t sitting on the windowsill sliced. I had just brought it home from the store the day before, and my mother told me to never refrigerate a fresh home-grown tomato until it has been sliced. So I grabbed the tomato and soon I was eating a fantastic BXT sandwich … the manna of summer eating. Actually, it was a BXT because I forgot to pick  up when I bought the and T. The tomato was sweet and juicy, proving that the tomato really is a fruit and not a vegetable. The sandwich was to die for! (The first of a couple more to follow.) Then I spent the rest of the day vacuuming, scrubbing and cleaning the house.  Don’t really have anything planned for today. But since it is the first day of McDonald’s Monopoly game, I might just drop in for a Big Mac for lunch.


As you can see from the folding instructions, this project only requires a half sheet of folding paper. So in the spirit of waste not/want not, I guess I might as well make two owls for the price of one.

DSCF0534For some reason these owls have a very evil look. So why didn’t they save them for Halloween? I probably will. Note: it was a real b_tch folding the owl’s tiny talons.

The sort of cast any evil aura on me … forcing me to post this Mensa Puzzle where you only have to come up with two consonants to solve the entire crossword puzzle. Good luck!DSCF0542



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  1. I don’t know whether to be jealous of that homegrown tomato or scared of those owls. They’ll be great in October, you’re right!

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