MY CALENDAR FOR FRIDAY/DAY 200 – July 19, 2013: Good Morning, Web World! Well, I braved the heat yesterday and went out to get my hair cut. I go to a place called LOOK AFTER in the strip mall next to the I-65 MetroLink station, and I have no idea what its name means. Because of the heat, I’d been putting off my for the past week. Today, I had to go because I also had to pick up a replacement filter for the AC at Home Depot. In Saint Louis, you learn to respect a heating/AC unit in top-notch working condition. Today, all the regular stylist’s we’re out and I had a new young lady who had just started this week. And WOW, she did a fantastic job. I actually looked all of two years younger when I walked out of the shop. Hey, at my age you take every little bit you can get, and enjoy it a lot.

So after I picked up a few grocery items and the filters, and jumped on the train to the connection point with my local bus.When I left the house the sun was poised to melt anything that came near its rays with a microwave-styled attitude. On the way home the sky began to cloud-up. No, cloud-up is too mild a term … think of those old Silly Symphony animated shorts where the gods in the clouds are throwing blazing lightning bolts at one another. Anyway, halfway on my return trip the clouds ripped open dumping a rain storm that make it impossible to see anything three feet away. The bus actually had to pull over until the rain let up a bit. Unfortunately, it hadn’t stopped when I reached my stop. So I had to speed walk from tree … to tree … to tree, all the way home using the new plastic encased air duct filter as an umbrella. Who say I don’t live an action-packed  lifestyle. And my freshly cut hair didn’t even get dampened. 

I don’t think I’m going to be able to top that today.

MY ORIGAMI CALENDAR CHALLENGE – THE EVENING CLUTCH: For some reason that sub-head really sounds dirty.DSCF0588

Now the folding directions calls for using a 16″ x 20″ sheet of paper to yield an 8-inch long clutch. And since I don’t know anyone who would want an 8-inch long paper purse, I decided to size it down by 3/4, which would make it just about the size of the clutch on the calendar page.DSCF0586

So I produced a faux pink zebra skin evening clutch with mock-mongoose fur trim. OMG, I’m turning into Becky C, the diva extraordinaire of fantastic fashions for the Barbie edition of Project Runway.  Instead of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, I’m working with a cowboy action figure and a pink folded floral paper demon from Hawaii.Woody:Flora

WOODY/TIM: Do you really think this faux pink zebra skin evening clutch with the mock-mongoose fur trim is right for accessorizing the pink carpet gown.

FLORA/HEIDI: I don’t know, it’s not something I would carry.

WOODY/TIM: “I’m not sure what the moral is here…I really just wanted to tell that story.” 

(Note: When we explained to Woody that he would not be appearing in drag today, he returned from his walk out.)


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