MY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY/DAY 204 – July 23, 2013: Well, Monday was HOT … and the sun was set on BROIL. This made it rough for me, because I wanted to Weed-Whack the nasty grass that was growing through and under my fence from the West Walnut Manor city property next to me. Like a lot of cities they are faced with big expenses and a shrinking income. So instead of making it a pocket park that the parks department would have to cut, they cut back on public maintenance. Thankfully, we had a partly cloudy day. So I would wait for a cloud to block the sun, and then jump in with my whacker. For some reason that really reads dirty. In between clouds, I would sit in my relax-a-chair on the shady side of the lawn. It took a while, but I did get it all cleaned up. Tonight was the full moon, and this was the show it was putting on.DSCF0630The man in the moon, who happens to be a lady was really cranking out the moon luminescence last night and providing fantastic backlighting for the clouds that were moving in for todays and tomorrows rain. It sort of looks like the clouds are on fire.

MY ORIGAMI CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY – MOTORBOAT: I’m sorry to say that my folding fingers failed me so far today. After several attempts I had to take a break. I got all the folds right, and then got stumped on Step 9  where I had to turn the entire folded piece inside-out.

DSCF0635It seems I lack the thin tapered phalanges needed to accomplish this unfolding part. Maybe I’ll give it another try this afternoon. Notice that I was getting close in the unfolding.

If at first you don’t succeed, eat a Big Mac, take a nap and try again.



I also used a larger sheet of printer paper trimmed to 8½ X 8½ and it unfolded perfectly! Huzzah for me!

Then again I might work this Mensa Puzzle Calendar Hangover Crossword Puzzle.DSCF0637


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  1. I think the clouds look like a laughing dinosaur. Which, which you consider the heat, is rather appropriate–our overuse of fossil fuels affecting climate change is giving them the last laugh.

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