MY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY/DAY 211 – July 30, 2013: And what kind of day is it … damp and dreary, and I’m pondering weak and weary over many volumes of quaint and curious lore as you will soon see before we reach the end of this daily missive. Shhh, did I just hear someone shout NEVERMORE! Don’t plan on accomplishing much other than goofing and catching an afternoon nap. Maybe I’ll bake a cake. Anyone want to drop by for dessert?

MY ORIGAMI CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY – POP-UP MAP: Today’s Origami Challenge was an exercise in frustration that ended with a big question … “Is that all there is.DSCF0780

Since the directions call for a sheet of printer paper, and because I didn’t want to work with a blank sheet of white paper and found a historic print of a map of St. Louis in 1896.StLouis1896

By clicking on the image and making it bigger I was able to find a lot of places that were still around when I was growing up. A lot of the buildings shown surrounding the map are still there. Others have faded into the dust and debris of yesteryear. So I folded this map according the directions on the calendar page and this is what I got.DSCF0775

It looked like a circus tent. So I took another photo from a different angle.DSCF0776

The map printed nice, but the origami is less than spectacular. Even using my imagination, I have no rhyme or reason why any would need a Pop Up Map. Actually, it looks exactly like the model on the calendar page. Oh, well look at the map I printed, it’s at least somewhat interesting.

If not, you can always try to solve this Mensa Puzzle Calendar puzzle.DSCF0782


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  1. I think the map would be a perfect circus tent. Maybe you should make an even larger version for some of your critters to perform under!

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