MY CALENDAR FOR THURSDAY/DAY 213 – AUGUST 1, 2013: Do you realize that we’re starting the eighth month of 2013? That means we’re fast approaching the point where people can say we’ve wasted two/thirds of an entire year. But that doesn’t apply to everyone, just the members of Congress who are picking up a salary for doing absolutely NOTHING! Actually, I think the Governor of Illinois is right. He’s withholding paychecks for the members of the state legislature until they actually accomplish something. In the real world, how long would anyone hold a job if he or she never did anything? I say what applies to the pee-ons, should also apply to the pee-ors. So you know what to tell the people you send to D.C. or your state capitol they next time they ask for your vote. I sort of think that’s what Ben Franklin would say if he were around today.

Enough from the soap box … I spent most of the day making like a tourist and you’ll probably be seeing the results in a day or two. In case you’re wondering, I still haven’t spent my tax return on getting that new computer. And my old computer really starts to slow down when I start working in iPhoto. My OS is just about three years out of date, but I really hate the hassle of setting up a new computer.

MY DAILY ORIGAMI CALENDAR CHALLENGE DAY 213 – THE DOLLAR SNAIL:DSCF0794Today’s origami project was to fold a dollar bill into a snail, which is sort of laughable the way dollar bills kept flying out of my wallet. But, I decided to put my short pudgy fingers to work and give it a try.DSCF0795

Half-way though the folding process, I realized that I was getting hungry and that dollar I was folding would buy me a McDouble on the Dollar Menu … and considering that I had a free McFries and a free McFlurry stamps from the Mcnoply Contest,  I could have a pretty cheap dinner tonight. But, what the hell is a McFlurry?  So I said “Oh, YEAH!” and decided to break for food.

Before I start unfolding the dollar, I better add today’s Mensa Puzzle.DSCF0796



Food purists please note!

Just two days ago, New York Post columnist Kyle Smith giddily praised the McDouble not only as an unsung wonder but also as a wonderful way for people to eat cheaply and healthfully.


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  1. Dammit. I want McDonald’s and the car is on Day 3 in the shop.

    Yes, moving dollar bills are the fastest known snails in the universe!

    And I’m in TOTAL support of withholding US congressional salaries until they stop blocking all of the other party’s legislation. That should put a stop to this foolishness.

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