MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SUNDAY, DAY 216: Undoubtedly,  you know this old kids’ song …

On Saturday, I made some great egg salad for my lunch. I put the left over salad in a covered plastic dish which I stored in the fridge. I also tied the double-bagged loaf of Health-Nut Bread with the plastic twisty.

This morning I decided to toast a couple of pieces of bread to eat with the leftover egg salad. I put the bread bag down on the table and just as I was about to untwist the twisty I looked through the double bread wrappers and discovered …. A FLY! He was flying from the top slice of bread to the twist sealed top of the bag like an acrobat on a trampoline. Who knows what else he had been doing over the last 24-hours of his captivity. It was too gross to think about … especially when the earwig of that song woke up.  I knew for sure that what ever I did, it wouldn’t involve the loaf of bread. In addition to their cup of millet, cracked cord and sunflower seeds, my avian visitor would receive an added bonus of a slice of Health-Nut Bread. I had egg salad on saltines for breakfast.  I guess the fly survived his stay in the sealed bag by eating healthy bread and breathing the oxygen stored in all the holes in the bread.

THE MENSA PUZZLE  I also just realized I forgot to upload the Saturday Mensa Word Puzzle. So here’s both Saturday’s and today’s puzzles.Mensa


The Colossal Pair, Thebes by FRANK DILLON 1856

FROM THE SAINT LOUIS ART MUSEUM COLLECTION GUIDE: Frank Dillon captures the grand statues of the pharaoh Amenhotep III and his wife which still stand on the plain of Thebes (today known as Luxor) in Egypt. A sense of desolate solitude is heightened by the inclusion of a camel’s skeleton in the foreground. Dillon produced this painting shortly after his first visit to Egypt in 1854. The frame is original to the picture and is decorated with orbs and eagles’ wings at the center and corners.

I was first attracted to this painting by the unique frame. Now every time I revisit it I discover something else. No, I didn’t know that the skeleton was that of a camel. And it that the moon in the sky between the two statues or a bright star? A great picture to click on and enlarge.


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  1. Yes, I totally would have gotten rid of the bread. I guess we’re spoiled, but OMG, fly=maggot to me, and that’s enough to horrify me.

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