MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SUNDAY, DAY 223 OF 2013: Still resting up from yesterday’s mowing marathon. Other than frying bacon and eggs for breakfast, I haven’t really accomplished very much. —  Just had a pause in writing when Renee came in from outside to get me to follow her back outside where she showed me that someone had visited the bird seed dish.  Must have been the opossum because she doesn’t bother about two squirrels living in the back maple tree.  The only critters that she ever chases are rabbits, opossums and snakes. —  While I was outside, I saw a couple of  cabbage white butterflies dancing together in the air.  I wonder if they were courting. Second wondering thought, how do butterflies do it? INTERNET ANSWER: Male butterflies find females by sight, and use chemicals called pheromones at close range. If the female accepts the male, they couple end to end and may go on a short courtship flight. They may remain coupled for an hour or more, sometimes overnight. The male passes a sperm packet called a spermatorphore to the female. The sperm then fertilize each egg as it passes down the female’s egg-laying tube. Now I’ve accomplished something else. So today really won’t be a waste. And since I plan to make Orange Chicken for dinner tonight, that makes three accomplishments today. Four if you count this post.

SUNDAY MENSA PUZZLE: DSCF0916In case you’re stuck, reread the puzzle statement.




Roman or Egyptian?

Let this be a lesson to you. Always read the data sheets posted near the works in the museum. This work was in the gallery of Greek and Roman art and artifacts. So why does it look Egyptian in a very early Roman way?


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