MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, DAY 245 OF 2013:  Still had a bit of a gimpy heel and ankle, but the temps were down somewhat, so I decided that today was the day to make my solo break from the house arrest to which I had sentenced myself last week. I had to, I ran out of milk, bread, meat and almost all veggies except for broccoli. Why is it, that you never seem to run out of those stubby green shrubs? I run out of all the other green veggies all the time, but it seems like broccoli is forever. I also had to get a haircut. And it had nothing to do with the fact that the LOOK AFTER HAIR COMPANY sent a half price haircut coupon to my computer yesterday for a birthday haircut this week. Don’t look a gift haircut in the mouth I always say. The Boathouse in Forest Park also sent me a coupon for a free lunch any time this month … and they serve the best beef brisket sandwich. And The Esquire Theatre  promised me a Super Grande Soda on my next visit.  I could really grow to like FREEBIES.

TODAY’S ORIGAMI CALENDAR CHALLENEGE: Well, yesterday I folded the HORSE, and today I had to fold a rider for the horse.DSCF1035Actually it took me longer to fold the rider than it did to fold the horse.DSCF1033


And it turns out the rider looks like he’s a member of the KKK. So, I was expecting the Man of La Mancha?

Anyway, here’s a Mensa puzzle  the almost every body will be able to solve.




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  1. Actually, your rider reminds me of an old Kenny Rogers video for the song “Morning Desire.” I’ll bet you can find it on youtube.

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