MY DAILY CALENDAR…DAY 258/262 – SEPTEMBER 15/19, 2013 – Playing Catch Up

MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SUNDAY TO THURSDAY, DAY 258 TO 262 OF 2013:  Well, today I’m playing catch-up for all the days I missed this week. Little did I realize at the start of the week that I would receive a free-lance writing and design project that would keep me busy for half of the week. It was just a direct mail project … but when you haven’t been working in that mode for a while, it takes a while to get back in the groove again. So project was completed yesterday and delivered and accepted today. So now I have to get back into the blog mode again. I think the best way would be to give you a day by day rundown.

SUNDAY – DAY 258:  The Birthday PartyDSC07707

There has always been an abundance of September birthdays in my family. (Guess that means the birds and the bees were more amorous during the holidays.) So rather than having multiple individual birthday celebrations, the family get together for one big bash.  That’s what we did Sunday afternoon at my nephew’s new house which is really a classic older house.  (And very nice, by the way.)  Food was barbecued meats and potluck sides and appetizers. (I created a new recipe for chocolate oatmeal cookies, and spent Saturday baking. I also made my South of the Border Eight Layer Dip.) So basically we spent the day talking, eating, playing games, taking pictures, and exchanging gifts.BDC

This year’s top birthday cards.


And even though kids fail to get excited about adult antics,

they do find ways to keep themselves amused.

MONDAY – DAY 259:  The morning after the day before.

I made pancakes for breakfast.DSC07698

Unfortunately, I made enough for three breakfasts. That’s my new birthday STL ZOO mug filed with hot tea. The extra pancakes were cling wrapped and stored in the freezer.


I have no idea what a deployable structure: simple wrap is or does. I was also not able to cajole the pattern into folding.DSC07703

I did manage to get one weekend blog posted before I received the freelance job.


Before I started my creative project I did work on the Origami Challenge.DSC07717

Would you believe it took me an hour and a half to fold that tiny frog that was smaller than a quarter?DSC07722

Had a really bad frozen dinner for dinner.


Breakfast was toaster warmed leftover pancakes with a scoop of maple/macadamia nut ice cream.  So, I ran out of syrup.


Knowing that it would take me more than an hour to fold a new frog, I refolded yesterday’s frog to plug his ears. And you wouldn’t have know that if I didn’t tell you.


THURSDAY- DAY 262:  Finally call caught up!

Actually, Mlle. Renee and I slept in this morning and didn’t crawl out of bed until 10:45. So I had brunch of a turkey club instead of breakfast. I also made Pork Sub Gum Chop Suey for dinner tonight.

Origami Challenge – DSC07724OK, I still didn’t fold a new frog.  It takes time to thin slice pork cutlets for chop suey.  So I refolded then original frog into a new position.DSC07723

But for cheating with the frogs, I decided to add today’s Mensa Puzzle.DSC07726

And now my blog is up to date!DSCF1054


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