MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, DAY 267 OF 2013: Well, at least I got the grass cut in the back yard which is all in shade most of the day. The front was another matter. Even though the temp never got higher than 75, the sun was in pure heating mode. And since there’s not of hint of shade on the lawn, it was too hot to work comfortably. Hopefully, today is forecast as being mostly cloudy with even showers. We will have to wait and see.  Call me wimpy, but I really don’t enjoy working out in full sun these days. Actually, being fair complected, the sun never did agree with me.

THE ORIGAMI CHALLENGE – THE FAT CAT: I’ve folded two different cats so far this year, but they were cats that were made to two sheets of folding paper.  Today’s cat is a bit more difficult. It’s folded from a single square sheet of paper.DSC07733It also involves 16 different folds. A stubby finger challenge. I also decided to make a black cat for Halloween.DSC07741

It’s a Halloween kitten!

I’m also including today’s Mensa Puzzle.  Even though it involves numbers, I really don’t think it can be called math.DSC07744



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    A-8, B-27 C-35, D-10, E-3, F-25, G-7, H-17

  2. I like your Halloween kitten!

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