pot·pour·ri  n. pl. pot·pour·ris
1. A combination of incongruous things
2. A miscellaneous anthology or collection of observations from a cranky old curmudgeon

ITEM 1:  I am convinced that I should never be allowed to wander through the stupidmarket without an armed guardian. The reason is … I am attracted by the words NEW, SPECIAL, SAVE, TRY THIS, LIMITED TIME, and JUST WHAT YOU WANTED.  On my trip to the grocery yesterday, I went through the bakery to pick up a plain loaf of seedless rye bread when I saw this sign…


The cross between a flakey buttery croissant …

And a luscious jelly filled doughnut!DSC07766

Being a firm believer in the premise that I have never met a jelly doughnut that I didn’t like, I bought one for my Saturday morning breakfast.

THE TASTE TEST RESULTS: Less than favorable! The fried croissant was cut in half and the raspberry jelly was spread between the two halves. This allowed the expose jelly to dry out somewhat. Unfortunately, this did not stop the jelly between the two layers from leaking out and falling on your hand, lap and kitchen floor. The croissant wasn’t flakey or buttery either. It was somewhat dry and stiffly chewy. End result … it didn’t excite my taste buds, and I had to wash my hands, lap and kitchen floor. Minus FIVE on the would I buy again scale.

ITEM 2: Mayhem and possible murder in the kitchen cupboard. While I was using my Swiffer Wetjet to clean the leaked cro-san-nut jelly off the kitchen floor … (if an 80+ year old lady can on TV, so can I) … I discovered Woody on the kitchen floor.DSC07768He had been living on the top shelf of the kitchen china cabinet. He apparently leaped or was pushed from his shelf sometime during the night. Possible suspects who share the shelf include …





and this motley crew … known to be gremlins, demons or werewolves.


ITEM 3Just received the last publication from the Saint Louis Art Museum …SLAM

The cover features Setting Sun Over Sacramento Valley by Japanese-American artist Cuira Obata. It is a new gift to the Museum and it will be on display with three of his other works for a special exhibition.

The Museum also announced that the Metropolitan Opera LIVE In HD satellite Broadcasts will return to the newly refurbished Museum Auditorium in October. I first started going to the opera showings there in 2008, but because of the construction work at the museum I had to switch to a local movie house for the past two years. I bought my tickets for the first half of this season last week. First opera coming up is Tchaikovsky’s romantic Eugene Onegin with a finale that takes place in a blinding snowstorm. You definitely will be hearing more on this topic.Bill's  Move2 1

ITEM 4: In case you were wondering, I was considering a second photo for Friday’s Weekly Photo Challenge. It was a photo I’ve featured in the blog before showing a colorful mural created by kids and displayed in the entrance to the Wash U Metro Station.Kid Mural

It also qualified as SATURATED.

ITEM 5: Observations From A Cranky Curmudgeon – while I am quite fond of a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea for breakfast, I today decided that iced Earl Grey tea is not my glass of tea.




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  1. I like the mural!

    I don’t like the crime scene. I hope Woody makes a full recovery. I’m giving the side eye to Lumpy. I think he may be insanely jealous of Woody’s boyish figure.

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