MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR WEDNESDAY, DAY 282 OF 2013:  Well, today I spent the day shredding paper. Not the entire day, but since all I have is a small home shredder it seemed never ending. I’m a compulsive saver of bills, check stubs and semi-unimportant paperwork. But at the close of every quarter I make it a point to get rid of the excess paperwork from the previous year’s paperwork. So, I was a couple of days late in getting to 2012s third quarter. Then I just sorted through the papers to make sure there wasn’t anything I really needed and shredded away. The only thing I really save are repair invoices. Mainly so I know who to call should a need another repair.

After that, I cleaned house. That’s when Mlle. Renee left the building. She is noise sensitive and hates the growling vacuum. But I have to watch her because she likes to steal my Swiffer duster. She picks it up (after licking it) and hides it in her toy box. Also as soon as I’m done vacuuming, she starts bringing toys out of the toy box and spreads them around the floor. That her way of saying, “So, there!”

ART AND NATURE: One of my new favorite paintings at SLAM is Joe Jones’ WOODED LANDSCAPE (1931)Wooded Lanscape

I suppose I like it because it captures the feel of the parklands that surround the museum itself. Saint Louis is really lucky to have Forest Park, one of the largest public parks in the United States,  located in the middle of the city. (Yes, it’s larger than Central Park.)  And in addition to the Art Museum the park also contains the Missouri History Museum, the Zoo, the MacDonald Planetarium, sports fields, the Saint Louis Municipal Theatre (outdoor amphitheater), the Dwight Davis Tennis Center, two golf courses, a skating rink and the Jewel Box (the Saint Louis Floral Conservatory), plus playgrounds, trees, lakes, streams, and an actual forest. Who could ask for anything more.DSC07845




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  1. Renee’s revenge!

    Seriously, why DO dogs have to take ALL the toys out and scatter them all over the place?

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