MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR THURSDAY, DAY 283 OF 2013: When I woke up this morning, I decided that I would have an If I had my druthers day! In other words, if I had my druthers I woulda stayed in bed. I didn’t, but I also didn’t immediately change out of my PJs. As a matter of fact, I didn’t change out of them all day. Guess I did too much housework yesterday, and I felt that I should have a lounge around the house day. Hell, if the United States  Congress can get away with doing nothing for a week, why can’t I have at least a single day. And since I’m legally retired, I really don’t have to do anything to earn my keep.   So, I had a bowl of Corn Chex for breakfast and settled down in a comfortable chair to read on my Kindle. I stopped to break for lunch  of a tuna melt sandwich on dark German wheat bread. Then I worked on bringing my stamp collection up to date.  I just happened to come across these stamps while I was working.




It’s a shame that those work shirking pretenders in Congress who call themselves THE TEA PARTY, seem to have forgotten that the Sons Of Liberty actually had to get up in the middle of a cold December night and bust their butts throwing heavy boxes of tea in the harbor to make their point. I understand that today our reps were able to work out in the private Capitol gym for which we pay the tab. The motto back in 1773 was “No taxation without representation.”  I think it might be time to update it to meet today’s situations.  How about … NO SALARY WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?

Sorry, I got carried away watching the news while I was loafing around today. I did feel guilty about it.  But, I guess there’s no use spilling milk or tea over wasted time.



I also took time to work the Floor To Ceiling puzzle with Bob The Bookworm.

You know, one of the advantages of not changing out of my pajamas all day is I won’t have to change into them to go to bed tonight. You know the only thing missing from my childhood days of spending my day wearing pajamas all day was the lack of Vick’s Vaporub on my chest


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  1. There’s nothing wrong with a PJs Day. Even retired and taking a day of rest, you’re working harder than Congress.

    floor – wax – museum – guide – dog – pound – sterling – silver – dollar – bill – board – meeting – place – card – table – tennis – elbow – grease – paint – brush – cut – glass – ceiling

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