MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY, DAY 285 OF 2013:  It rained last night. Didn’t hear it, but the ground was wet this morning. Well, not all the ground since it was still as dry as a bone under all of the trees. Not a surprise, because the weather folks said we’re technically back in drought condition due to the lack of late summer and early fall rainfall  in our area.  Sure, we’ve had a number a heavy rain falls. But when the rain comes down heavy, it doesn’t soak into the ground … it runs off into the storm sewers. So, I guess one of the causes for our drought conditions is because our forefathers and mothers built storm sewers. You can’t win sometimes.



While we’re in the midst of the major league baseball playoffs, I thought it might be nice to give the local team a bit of time in the old blog. I just realized that the last time I went to a baseball game was about twenty years ago.

And it wasn’t at this Busch Stadium ballpark … 005_busch_stadium

It was at this Busch StadiumBuschStadium,st_louis

But the Busch Stadium I remember the most was this one.sportsman_park

But for the most of my growing up years it was called SPORTSMAN’S PARK. It was on Grand Avenue and for my first fourteen years, I lived about two blocks away from it. I should confess that during those years I was a Brown’s fan. I guess I should tell you that my dad was the ultimate Browns fan, so I really didn’t have any other options. The Browns were the other team in town, and I  was a member of the their Knothole Gang. We got free tickets to the games through my grade school. The Cardinals did give free tickets.BrownsAs their years in Saint Louis dwindled down to a precious few, the team tried to attract new fans with the Brownie logo.Brownie

It didn’t work, and in 1953 the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles. And the local beer baron who owned the Cardinals bought Sportsman’s Park and changed the name to Busch Stadium. The next year my family moved to the suburbs. Guess there was nothing left in the city for my dad.

I will occasionally watch a baseball game on TV, but I’m not a rabid or even avid fan. Too slow. But then so is football. And don’t get me started on golf. My sport is trekking around town and writing about my journeys and adventures on these pages. Dream on!

TODAY’S ORIGAMI CHALLENGE: Well, since it is the weekend I really wasn’t expecting any new challenge on the calendar. But I do have hopes of better origami projects for next week. But NOSHI? It sounds like some Jewish-Japanese hybrid.Noshi





It’s the anniversary of the day his three ships landed in what he called the New World in 1492. And before you start bitching about him, remember he got screwed, too. He didn’t find a new route to India. The new world he thought he discovered wasn’t named Columbia. He didn’t become Admiral Of The Seas. He was fired by the king.  He didn’t get his rewards. He was thrown into jail. And he died 14 years after his voyage, and nobody knows where he’s really buried.800px-Columbus_1892_Issue-$5


He did make it onto a stamp though.

But who could afford a five dollar stamp in 1892?



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    DOZE is the new vertical word.

  2. Golf is great to sleep to, though, when it’s on TV.

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