MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, DAY 316 OF 2013: And in case no one has mentioned it to you, Day 316 just happens to be 11-12-13 in calendar shorthand. I don’t know if this calendrical coincidence is a lucky or an ill omen … but I’m not getting married today. Note: this calendrical coincidence will only happen one more time in this century on 12-13-14. I wonder how many babies born today will be named Thirteen?

Thirteen Addams

Thirteen Addams

TODAY’S AND TOMORROW’S ORIGAMI CHALLENGE – TULIP:  Yes, the calendar has yet another two-part folding project that I decided to do in a single day.DSC08217DSC08218

Which yields one completed tulip …


BookWorm TODAY’S MENSA PUZZLE – 11-12-13: You have to be very observant and know what counts to figure this one out …DSC08221

So, what happened to the forecasted snow? While it did start coming down as flakes and flurries last night, it melted on making contact with the ground. Also in some spots the melted moisture turned into invisible black ice. One of these spots happened to be the floor boards on my deck, where I started to slip … caught myself and semi-twisted my ankle. OK, so call me a klutz …but I’m only slightly gimping around now. [NOTE: Mlle. Renee also slipped on the slick spot.]

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: The Grand Sculpture Hall Of The Palace Of Art

This is what the building, which is now the Saint Louis Museum Of Art, looked like in 1904 when it was the only permanent building constructed for the Louisiana Purchase exhibition/Saint Louis World’s Fair of 1904. Kind of cluttered, isn’t it? But that was the way art was displayed back then.



Notice that the original floors were poured concrete and the ceiling and archways  were exposed decorative brickwork. A marble floor was laid in one of several restorations and updates and the exposed bricks covered.SLAMtoday

The Sculpture Hall today. Thankfully more people.


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    The first three words each have eleven letters and the first two letters of each spell out ELEVEN.
    The fourth through sixth words have twelve letters each and the first two letters of each spell out TWELVE.
    You know about the remaining words.

  2. I think it would be difficult to appreciate that sculpture all packed together that way. You can’t step back and get a sense of the scope of it.

    Funny how things change.

    • Hey, they were bringing the best of the world to a little/big river town back then. Cass Gilbert really did design a classic building (from the Roman Baths of Caracalla) that the Museum has treated with gentle hands for over 100 years.

  3. Also, since I’m starting way back and reading forward, I hope your ankle is okay. Damn stuff hurts so much more as we age.

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