Let’s start with Sunday, shall we? For some reason I got up early and just moped around in the house in my PJs. I discovered I had a loaf of Italian Bread that had grown stale, so I decided to make French Toast. Doesn’t every one make French Toast with their stale Italian Bread?DSC08247

It might look like a lot of French Toast, but I stored the overs in individual freezer bags and stored them in the freezer. Then I decided I would finish the origami project I had been working on and off all weekend.


If you’ll remember, this is the point I had reached on Thursday …  DSC08237  … and little did I know that I had already made an error in my folding. Since that point, I have started over four times with a different sheet of folding paper. And none of them came close to being a parrot. I was getting ready to make a fifth start when my storm alert radio went off. I turned on the TV to discover that THE STORM was moving in fast and we were under a TORNADO WATCH!DSC08252

To see where I was at this point, follow the U in LOUIS up to the US 70 line. My house is located in the little red spot just over the highway line. Now, if you remember, I’m still in my PJs, and Mlle. Renee is telling me she’s ready to seek shelter in the basement. [Mlle. Renee is a very smart dog, and she’s always a couple of minutes ahead of the weather forecaster’s warnings.] So I was trying to grab some real clothing and shoes and open the door to get to the basement. And the wind was starting to blow. HARD!!  They said the storm was moving east at 70-MPH so it pasted over almost as soon as it started. And the sun came out.DSC08270


We had no physical damage, other than a thick covering of leaves from my neighbors trees down the block. Unfortunately, the storm intensified once it moved into Illinois where it became multiple tornado strikes across the state. We lost power off and on for the next half hour and internet service for the rest of the day.  I decided that there was still an entire afternoon to cook the beef roast I had been planning for dinner.DSC08271

I sure glad that I have a stove with a gas oven that only need electricity to ignite the gas. The dinner was perfect. Which was more than I could say about the origami parrot.DSC08278

This was as far as I got on my fifth and final attempt at folding that blasted parrot. I crushed the tan, green yellow, and blue versions in disgust. The orange version crushed me. And I even resorted to using a magnifying glass to figure out the miniature folds. It really didn’t look much like a parrot on the printed page either.

As origami amends, enjoy the WINKING ALL SEEING EYE.DSC08274DSC08272


Oh, and about those leaves from my neighbor’s trees. The winds during and after the storm were from the southeast and they basically blew the leave off my lawn … except where they were blocked by the cedar trees.DSC08279




About Robert Edler

... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. Glad the tornados missed you! That’s the weather that scares me most. Renee is a smart girl.

    • In my lifetime, I have only seen a funnel cloud twice. Once when I was eight or nine and we lived in the city, but it never touched down. The second time was in the 70′s when I was working in Clayton and we watch it go past the office windows. It only took down a couple of trees.

  2. Also, if I lived next door to you, you’d be my favorite breakfast diner.

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