MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR FRIDAY, DAY 333 OF 2013:  Today, I slept in with Mlle. Renee to recover from two Thanksgiving dinners to two days. Hey, I have two brothers with families. But my real secret to survival is to never take more than spoonful of everything on the menu. That way you won’t offend anyone who prepared any dish being served. Also you won’t be overeating. Even though you’re really tempted to go back for seconds of turkey, stuffing, mashed and candied sweet potatoes. Why is it that you never have the urge to go for seconds of the green bean casserole? Also limit yourself to one micro-sliver of a single type of pie. And trust me… that really is hard.  But it’s really not the food that makes you sluggish the next day, it the late hours you spend yammering with all the family. Obviously, we don’t communicate by phone often enough. So it really felt great to lay in bed and turn the alarm off when it rang. I would have stay in bed even longer, but I remember I had to go buy dog food for Renee, and sliced turkey breast for myself. OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a roast turkey addict and the deli counter of Dierbergs carries sliced roasted turkey breast. So at least I can have turkey sandwiches next week for lunch … even though I don’t have any leftover stuffing or cranberry sauce to put on them. So I braved BLACK FRIDAY, and went shopping.  You realize that the only empty stores on black Friday are grocery and pet stores.  Anyway, in addition to my food and Renee’s food, I also had time to buy Renee’s Christmas present at Black Friday prices. Don’t tell her though.

I also decided that I didn’t feel like cooking for dinner, so I decided to stop in SUBWAYS to try their new Sirracha Melt Steak sub. I told the woman at the counter not to toast it because I would do that when I got home for dinner. And she said, “Would you like me to put the veggies in a bag so you can add them after you toast your sandwich.”  I then replied that was amazing because she was the first person to offer that service in all the times I had ordered a carry-out sandwich. That girl is going to go far!

So when I got home I put my sub on a tray and slid it into the toaster oven. When it was hot, melted and toasty, I pull it out and added the veggies.DSC08400

When I added the veggies, the sandwich looked like the ones they show in the TV commercials rather than the ones you usually get in the sub shop. It was quite good, too. But I could only eat half. So I wrapped the other half up for tomorrows lunch. But I guess I’ll have to eat it cold.

For my beverage, I decided to try the new SPRITE ZERO … which really looks like ZERO in the new clear bottles.DSC08403

Actually, it kind of looks like water.

Since I had limited myself to slivers of dessert for the past two evenings, I had really been craving a thick slice of pumpkin pie. But there was no way I was going to buy an entire pie just for myself. So I decided to pass until I saw this in the dessert section of the store.DSC08404

Well, it really didn’t taste like pumpkin pie because the skimped on the pumpkin pie spices.  This tastes like Sweet Potato Pie.  And when I turn the box over to read the ingredient list, I discovered it actually was …DSC08406

You can’t trust a bakery located in North Carolina to make a Pumpkin Pie without adding SWEET POTATOES … even though they were dehydrated. Also, never trust a pumpkin pie that uses more than flour, salt, shortening, water, pumpkin, sugar, condensed milk, eggs and pumpkin pie spices.



Only this time it is a FANCY box that takes 37 steps to complete. And they are all very tiny folds!DSC08425



Did you notice that the puzzle was presented by a new, very tall doggie? I cashed in my CHARTER CABLE rewards to get him last month and he arrived today. He doesn’t have a name yet, and Mlle. Renee thinks he belongs to her. I’m not too sure about that though, because he seems very comfortable hanging around my work area.DSC08420

TALKING ABOUT MLLE. RENEE:  I  think she’s gay. I was watching the Barbra Streisand Return To Brooklyn concert on PBS tonight and reliving the last 50 years of my life, when I looked over at Renee’s sofa …DSC08414

There she was,  intently watching Barbra sing.DSC08411

She even laughed and cried alone with the audience.  Renee, not Barbra!

I guess I really shouldn’t start worrying until she asks me to play some of the Barbra albums in my collection.

Did you know that early in her career, Barbra appeared several times in Saint Louis’ Gaslight Square.  I couldn’t go see her, because I was under-age. And I’m two years older than Barbra is.  That’s life!


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... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. And Krisy Kreme is only three years years older than you. Check out the rapper named Krispie Kreme. Comparing the two, I’ll take the doughnut every time.

  2. It’s was bad enough learning that THE WIZARD OF OZ and I will both be celebrating our Dodranscentennial next year. Now I discover that I’m not quite as old as a doughnut. Just discovered the Krispy Kreme the rapper changed his name to Froggy Fresh last year. It didn’t help his talent (or lack of) at all. Personally, I prefer most Saint Louis style doughnuts to K.K. which I find rather greasy.

  3. It’s nice to know Barbra can still mesmerize new fans.

    Since I’m not much of a pie eater, I’ll eat slivers of either pumpkin or sweet potato pie. No preference.

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