MY WEEKEND CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY/SUNDAY, DAYS 334 AND 335 OF 2013: And when I logged on to WORLD PRESS today, I discovered I’m celebrating my third anniversary writing about my rather uneventful life here in the Wicket City. I failed to write an entry here yesterday, and I spent the day loafing around the house with Mlle. Renee in my pajamas. Mlle. Renee wasn’t wearing my PJs, I was.

Today the temps got up into the 60s and I decided that the day called for a walk in Forest Park. I planned on walking through the Kennedy Forest, but I went to the Art Museum instead. I took photos of the three bas-relief panels over the front entrance of the museum, but only the third one was fit for displaying. DSC08438

I’ll reshoot the other two another time. Still haven’t discovered when or why the panels were cut in half. Inside the museum I climbed up to the front balcony to shoot the Grand Sculpture Hall from the same position as the original 1904 photograph.

1904 - Louisiana Purchase Exposition

1904 – Louisiana Purchase Exposition – Grand Sculpture Hall

2013 - The Grand Hall - Saint Louis Museum Of Art

2013 – The Grand Hall – Saint Louis Museum Of Art

And if you’ve got a real keen eye, you should be able to see this piece of sculpture hidden in the photo from 1904.

Xenobia In Chains - Harriet Hosner  - 1859

Zenobia In Chains – Harriet Hosmer – 1859

Harriet Hosmer was one of the first female sculptors in the United States. You can read the DESCRIPTION CARD by clicking twice on the photo to enlarge it.

I also checked out my favorite cat at the Museum.

CAT - Alexander Calder

CAT – Alexander Calder

It’s a carved wood CAT by Calder who is a little more famous for his mobiles.

I also checked this work by Missouri’s own Thomas Hart Benton.  The lithograph …THB - LithoAnd the painting.


And a couple of fighting roosters.



Then I went home to play with Renee in the backyard.




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  1. Thanks for another look inside your museum!

    • It was a classic building that was treated very well during her 110 years thanks to many immigrants here who became very wealthy and used their wealth to benifit those who would follow them. “Dedicated to art, and free to all forever.”

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