MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY, DAY 341 OF 2013: Baby, it’s cold outside! So I decided that I would occupy myself with a day of indoor activity. And that means house cleaning. My mother (affectionately known as MRS. CLEAN by any friend who ever visited the house) always began her pre-Christmas house cleaning at noon on the eighth of December, and finished up sixteen days later at noon on Christmas Eve. Trust me, she did surgically deep cleaning from floor to ceiling in every room of the house. (I should note that the cleaning was interrupted several days for the baking of her Christmas cookie list … Peanut Butter Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, cutout Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pressed Cookies and Date-Nut Bars. She was a mean cookie baker, too.)  And as she completed a room by washing and waxing the floor and vacuuming the rugs, she would cover the floor with newspaper. (I should let you know that this was in the era when newspapers were printed using movable cast metal type that impressed the ink on the paper, and it didn’t rub off on your hands and everything else it touched like it does with today’s offset printed papers. When the ink started rubbing off on everything, she began using rolls of brown kraft paper. I told you she was a cleaning fanatic.)  Once the house was spotless on Christmas Eve, she started scrubbing her three sons so they would be spotless when they went to Midnight Mass with her and dad.  Back in those days on Christmas Eve I was a boy soprano in red cassock and starched white surplice, and the last thing she did before cleaning herself up was ironing the starched surplice. Then she picked up all the paper off the floor. And when we returned from Midnight Mass she opened the tins holding the cookies that had gone untasted since she baked them. And we ate cookies with hot cocoa while she beamed on about how good I had been singing Oh, Holy Night at mass.

Cute boyhood Christmas Eve photo

Cute boyhood Christmas Eve photo

Today, I discovered that I am not as good at house cleaning that my mother was. I began the day by chasing dust bunnies. I regularly vacuum the carpets, dust the tops of furniture, and mop the floor tile. Where I’m somewhat lacking, is laying down on the floor to clean under unmovable furniture. I inherited a lot of unmovable semi-antique (It’s older than me.) furniture.DSC08470

In addition to the dust bunnies, I discovered …

My mechanical dog who apparently walked under my bed. one day.

My mechanical dog who apparently walked under my bed one day.

Renee's pedometer that I have to wear.

Renee’s pedometer that I have to wear when we walk.

Renee's red ball

Renee’s red ball.

And DSC08482… some loose change. And yes, I have to get the hose attachment for the vacuum to clean the carpet under the furniture.






It has been standing next to my bed since I was 14-years old and it has seen a lot of great books … many of which kept me up much too long at night. And that’s not dust I missed … like me the night stand is getting old and needs a new paint job.


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  1. Wow, I wish I had your mother’s commitment to cleaning. Sometimes I don’t even know how dusty something is or what a good scrubbing it needs until I see it in photographs. Then I won’t put it on my blog until I clean it–my dirty little secrets are kind of boring, huh?

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