MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR MONDAY, DAY 343 OF 2013: My today actually started at 9:05 Sunday night, when Renee and I just settled down  to watch the Mentalist.  Suddenly, Renee turned around and looked at the corner of the room behind me. I turned around and didn’t see a thing. Then I heard a noise like an animal trying to claw its way through the wall. OMG! Every scene I’d ever seen in every horror picture I’d been stupid enough to sit through flashed through my head. So what did it do?

The same thing that every character in every one of those movies did … I opened the door to see what was trying to get into the house.  SURPRISE!! There wasn’t any thing there. The noise was being caused by the cable company line that ran from the curbside utility pole to the house that was moving up and down against the side of the house. Now, what would cause something like that? I looked down the street to see a car sliding around on the fallen ice that glazed the street. The driver was attempting to back the car off of the icy spot on the street. And when he got it backed up and attempted to turn the car back into the street, the car went forward and slammed into the utility pole two houses down which caused the electric and cable wires to vibrate back to the utility pole in front of my house. The driver kept repeating this maneuver over and over until something finally snapped and the top of the pole broke loose and fell to the ground  bringing the wires down on top of the car in a sparking flash. That’s when I ran into the house and called 911!

Halfway through trying to explain the situation to the operator, he told me to hold on while he talked to another operator. It seems like three other dutiful citizens were calling in to report the same incident, and emergency vehicles  were on the way. Within a minute I could hear the sirens of West Walnut Manors’ finest fire, police and rescue units were on the way.  By the time I got back to the front door, the street was filled with flashing lights and rescue personnel waiting around for the arrival of the man from the electric company. Walking around with a yellow cane in his hands he surveyed the scene and walked down to the utility pole in front of my house, and after extending that cane he was carrying to its full length he reached up to what had always looked like a corrugated trash can at the top of my utility pole and within a few seconds all the lights in the house went off.  Also the furnace!  Have I mentioned yet that the outside temperature had been dropping all evening to its low in the LOW teens. As he walked away to his truck, I heard him explain to the police, “Keep the street blocked until the repair crew arrives.” And then he drove off.

I watched the inactivity on the street until about midnight and finally decided that it was as exciting as watching a replay of the SOUND OF MUSIC with Carrie whats-her-name. So with the song of the Lonely goat-herd yodeling through my head, I went to bed.  Since the temp in the house had been dropping since 9:30 when the electricity had been cut, I didn’t change out of my day wardrobe, but added more. I tried to coax Mlle. Renee into going to bed with me, but she refused to leave her post and stayed there guarding the front door from those intruders on the front lawn. I went to bed with my cold feet and eventually managed to doze off.

I didn’t doze long before Renee came in to wake me up. I tried to see what time it was, but the light wouldn’t go on. Besides every clock in the  house was dark, too. By the time I realized my wristwatch was still on my arm, it indicated that it was now 1:30. Also the street was now filled with utility repair trucks with bright repair lights. Didn’t see any workers though. So I shivered a bit and went back to bed. It took me a little longer to doze off this time.

After that, I would wake up every hour on the hour except for four and five. Finally, I was awakened by someone on the TV talking about how cold it was and heard the furnace turn itself on. Also every light in the house was on. I looked at my watch and discovered it was a little after six. I looked out on the street and discovered the work crew doing odds and ends high wire work. I turned off the TV and all the lights and went back to bed.  This time Mlle. Renee decided to join me. Who needed her now? The furnace was working again.

If I ever write about the incident, I could call it …

A Long Night’s Journey Into Day!






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... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. It is SUCH a human thing to forget to turn all the lights off when the power’s gone off. The one thing I will do is turn off the central air because I know it’s a strain on the system when the power returns. So I’d have REALLY been freezing if I’d slept through the return of the power.

    However, I have to say that instead of hitting an electric pole over and over, I’d have called for help. I’m terrified of those poles and downed power lines.

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