MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SUNDAY, DAY 349 OF 2013: Just finished printing my Holiday return address on my Christmas card envelopes so all I have to do now is write out the cards and add a stamp. I’ve also completed cooking my steaming pre-winter (since winter doesn’t officially start until next Saturday) dinner  for tonight. Hearty chili mac with beef, beans, tomatoes and corn. Think I’ll also make some whole wheat onion biscuits to go with it.DSC08583

I also made scrambled eggs topped with Swiss cheese and bacon for breakfast. Why does your appetite crave comfort food as it gets colder?DSC08585

With my new dinnerware, you could also say I always eat square meals.

ORIGAMI CHALLENGE? Just a weekend message suggesting I use recycled paper for folding. So I folded the last two weekend messages into a DIPPY DOG.

Recycled Dippy Dog

Recycled Dippy Dog

Not very impressive is it? I guess I should stick to using recycled paper for practice origami.

6efcd7ddccf21234c THE WEEKEND MENSA PUZZLES:DSC08586
OK, I got up to the seven letter word so far!  Unfortunately, I lost count on the cookie puzzle because I ate some of them.

Yesterday, at the Museum I  visited two exhibits I hadn’t commented on before:

The first was a collection of ornamentation created for early skyscrapers in the late 1800s by architect Louis Sullivan.

During the remodeling of the office and educational building where the auditorium is located  a pyramid-shaped skylight was added that provides an interesting view of the 1904 original building from the new lower level or First Floor of the Museum.DSC08581

I also was able to check out the Andy Goldsworthy STONE SEA sculpture that was commissioned to fill the courtyard between the original building and the new addition. The artist filled the courtyard with 25 massive Missouri limestone arches that combine to make a virtual sea of stone. From the soon to be completed sculpture garden it can be viewed from above. From windows in the lower level walkway you can get this closeup ground level look at the work.DSC08571




I think the snow adds a nice touch to the new 2013 sculpture at the back of the museum … just as it does for the 1904 sculpture at the front.



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  1. Oh, wow, LOVE those limestone arches!

    • Some of the limestone was actually uncovered during the excavation for the new building, but most was quarried downstate. I’ll get a picture from above when it warms up. Can’t wait for the sculpture garden to open next summer. The Neptune Fountain that was originally the centerpiece of the Sculpture Hall is being restored into a functioning fountain for the large exhibits on the hill at the back of the museum.

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