Well, I finally went outside today. It was my first  venture in the frigid frontier since the bottom dropped out of local thermometers last week. Actually, I really didn’t have any other options, since apparantely, all local school children have disappeared.  You remember school kids, they were the first things that showed up after a snow storm … all carrying snow shovels and all willing to remove the snow on your front steps and walk for a small remuneration. boys-in-snowAnd if you wanted to have your drive way cleared the removal fee increased with the amount of snow and the length of the drive. The first boys to arrive always eager, had the lowest rates and did the best job, too. And you always gave them a bonus, because you knew they were asking too little for the job. The boys to avoid were the ones who showed up in September and asked you to sign a contract for snow removal in December.

Anyway, the kids who weren’t shoveling walks were building snowmen. You don’t see many snowmen being built anymore either. I always favored snow men or women who stood out in the crowd.Snowmen-Muscles

Like this bodybuilder. Not quite anatomically correct, but different. When I used to build a snowman with my brothers, I always insisted on adding a snow puppy to the snowman.  Haven’t seen many snowmen this year either. Now that I think about it, maybe the kids haven’t disappeared. Maybe West Walnut Manor has grown old and barren.  A shame! It was such a nice place. But it’s not so great now with all this dumb snow cluttering up the streets.

Right now, I’m waiting for the Metro Transit  to start running on a regular basis, so I can restock the larder. This photo from George Takei reminded me that I’m running out of milk and bread.StarWars

And a voice in the livingroom responded, “Don’t forget a bag of food for me, and a box of Flavor Snaps, and if it isn’t too heavy maybe a box of those tiny assorted flavor bones.”


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  1. Hope you got out and about and saw some more interesting snow people on your travels. But, you brought up a topic about young people coming around a neighborhood to shovel walks. The reasons behind that would take several posts and people on all sides of the fence. Sad but true. It use to be a simpler and safer time for all of us.

    • Yes, it was a different time and a different class of people. I don’t think any of us ever expected to to get rich shoveling snow after school. Because if the truth be told, we never had snow days when I was going to school. And we didn’t have school buses either. I didn’t do much walking because the local streets haven’t seen much plowing. Also I’ve got a gimpy knee that doesn’t walk well on snow slick streets. Oh, how we grow old.

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