But what happened to Monday?

DSC08878 I’ll be honest, the last thing I wanted to do yesterday was to turn on my computer. So, I took down all the holiday decorations.  Traditionally, my family celebrated the Christmas season from Christmas Eve  to the arrival of the Magi on January 6. And since my mom was so enamored with the Christmas Tree, occasionally it often got a couple of weeks extension. Back then, taking the Christmas Tree down was a major operation that often took two to three days to complete. Not only did we have a life tree that went from floor to ceiling, in girth it also took up at least half of the living room. This was also the time when the tinsel was actually made of lead and was taken off strand by strand for reuse the following year. Also, all of the ornaments were glass balls that had to be dusted and wrapped in tissue before being stored away in cardboard boxes. It was also a time for memories as mom would relate the histories of each and every glass ball. My dad bought her one ornament every year from their first Christmas until the year he passed away. Back then taking down the Christmas Tree was a family affair. Yesterday, I took the two three-foot tall pre-decorated trees off of the room divider shelves, put them in their storage boxes and stored them in the back of the closet in less than a half hour.  Times change, and each year it is our loss.




origami  Moving on to the second beginner model in the Complete Book Of Origami – THE DUCKDSC08880
Either I’m getting better at this, or the instructions for folding are more detailed than the ones last year’s calendar supplied. This duck actually looks like a duck. Hopefully, I’ll be able to say that once we get into the really complicated folds.







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  1. For some reason, even though we didn’t put the tree up this year, taking the other decorations down and packing them away seemed to go on forever!

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