So, Just How Cold Is It In The Wicket City?

Oh, it’s about this cold …DSC09131



That means the guttering around the roof is full of ice and snow. Guess who isn’t going to climb up there and break it out? Actually, it warmed up a bit today. It almost got above the freezing point. You know, if they would have had the Winter Olympics here, they wouldn’t have to make artificial snow. Or save up last year’s snow either. Did you know the first Olympic Games held in the United States were actually held right here in the city.  It was the 1904 Olympics, they didn’t call them Summer Olympics back then, because they didn’t have Olympics for gold weather sports.Third Olympiad

Gold Medal

Guess what? Since it was the first time the games had been held outside of Europe, not many countries sent teams to compete. It figures, hold a party in the Wicket City and the World does come. It wasn’t a complete fiasco though. It did have unique competitions like a tug of war and the hop, skip and jump. And it probably would have done better if they had TV coverage. But Bob Costas didn’t live here back then.DSC09129

Surprise! A dramatic YODA In A Box! Just to announce that I did a Origami Project today.  It was a Star Wars Origami Project and I folded a paper Yoda from a single square sheet of paper. All folding and no cutting either!DSC09138

And it took me so long to fold it, I scarcely had time to cook my Saturday Night Potluck Supper…DSC09134

In case you’re wondering, it was Spicy Baked Beans over Mashed Potato Cakes with a Grilled Bratwurst.  Sort of sounds like leftovers, doesn’t it? It was, except for the brat. But I still had to cook all of them. I also had a cup of Hot Cocoa with Vanilla Marshmallow Snowmen. And it was so good, I forgot to photograph it before I drank it. Yes, Virginia, my Keurig makes hot cocoa, tea and apple cider in addition to coffee. So, I didn’t get the unit that also makes iced beverages.


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