In case you think I’ve been giving short shrift to my blogisodes for the past week, you’re right. It wasn’t the snow or ice, polar vortexes, fluctuating highs and lows, or even today’s premature spring thunder storms with the potential for a tornado. No, this goes back about six months to when I visited my doctor and asked her about a small pea-sized growth on my cheek. She said I should have it checked out by a dermatologist, and gave me a recommendation. OK, I called the dermadoc and made the appointment. The earliest I could get to see her was two months later.

So, she looked at the spot and said … it looks like a basal cell cancer. But we wouldn’t know for sure until a skin scraping was tested at the lab. While she scraped, she informed me that basal cell cancers are the most common and slowest growing cancers you can get. She also told me that she would send the scraping to the lab and she would get back to me in a week.  The lab was in Texas. Also Thanksgiving and Black Friday were in that week, so the results didn’t come in for a week and a half.

Candide I have always had a Candide-like belief that we live in the best of all possible worlds. I have that belief because my Dr. Pangloss was an amalgam of religious brothers who were my teachers in high school. [And wouldn’t you know … just as I typed that line … there was a blast of thunder and the electricity went off. Thankfully, I only lost the last half of the preceding line.]  Anyway the biopsy confirmed my cheek spot was basal cell, and my dermatologist recommended a surgeon who specializes in MOS surgery for facial work. [Would you believe I lost power three times trying to type that last line? The storm has move through into Illinois, and the sun is shining brightly outside my window. We do have high winds in the area, and that is causing a problem with the power lines.] 

Not wanting to screw up my holidays, I made an appointment for the first available day after the first of the year … which was February 6. After that the surgery was scheduled for last Thursday  at seven in the morning. Removing the cancer was easy, covering up the hole was hard. I survived, all the bad cells were banished and I went home with a bandage covering the right half of my face. Thankfully that wasn’t my best side. Today, I went back to have the stitches removed. The surgeon was pleased with the results and she said everything will be getting back to normal shortly. The surgery and the recovery was painless, and I have high praise for all involved. However, I doubt if I ever opt for cosmetic surgery.CANDIDE2

While I have never read Voltaire’s original novel, I love Leonard Bernstein’s modern operetta version staged in the round by Hal Prince in the early 70s at the Broadway Theater in New York where I managed to see it. It quickly became my favorite show ever … and not just because Candide asked me to hold pants while he made love to Cunégonde on the platform in front of my seat.

By the way, you can live in the best of all possible worlds,

It all depends on what you make it!


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  1. I’m glad you got that taken care of and your recovery is going well! (Of course, I’m late responding–but good wishes just the same!)

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