Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it is the last day of chill winds, snow, ice, runny noses and cold feet. But, just the thought of the start of spring is enough to warm the cockles of my heart. To celebrate I went to check out the Annual Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens yesterday. This year the show celebrated the orchids of South America where it is still summer. It was quite fantastic, and I actually took a month of photos. So to celebrate the arrival of spring, I plan to start these daily doses of fun, fancy and hyperbole with one of the photos I took . Like this …DSC09305Don’t expect me to provide the specific horticultural identities for the plants though. I have a hard enough time carrying my camera around.

Then, I’ll give you my daily update. Like yesterday was totally bright and sunny, but the winds were blowing so hard I thought for sure I would end up in OZ. This brought down a lot of the winter damaged tree limbs in some of the surrounding yards. You actually could hear the branches snapping as the winds bent them back and forth.  But hey, what do you expect for March. Today, there is no sun shining, and we’re back to chill winds and gloom and doom weather. So I made myself a warm breakfast. (Becky food alert … skip the next paragraph and photos!)


Hot biscuits topped with butter and maple syrup!

And for breakfast dessert … what, you’ve never heard of breakfast dessert? …

DSC09296Super Cinnamon Buns!!

Unfortunately, I now have to do more mundane things like the laundry.

Also, I’ll try to end each post with a bit of origami and a salute to the birds of spring.

Today’s origami bird is the traditional Japanese crane. Tradition says that if you fold a thousand cranes, a wish will be granted. OMG! Do you know how long that would take me?  I wonder if I’ll get more crane credit by using this new brightly colored coated folding paper?OrangeCrane

Join us tomorrow to celebrate the arrival of SPRING!



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    When I see a paper crane i think of the Children’s Monument in Hiroshima, if you were able to fold one more you could send it there.

    Love the orchids.

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