Well, it’s the fourteenth day of spring. (Even though we’re only had about a day and a half that even approached being spring-like. I already told you about the weather. We did set a record for the most rainfall in a single day.  It was over 2.5 inches. And that doesn’t include the hail ball that covered the lawns like snow.

I also used up all the orchid photos I had left in my earlier post.

And then I went and used the origami spring bird I made for today in my WORDLESS WEDNESDAY post. I couldn’t help it. It was the best origami folding I had ever done. Actually, it reminded me of the parrot photo I posted a month or so ago.


“Hmmm … the best you’ve ever done?  Forgotten about me, have we?  You know, your inspiration?  Your blog alter ego?  The guy who told you to be sensational? The guy who actually attracted viewers to look at your blog?

Oppps!  Apparently I’ve stepped on Stan the Bold Demon’s ego. Actually what I should have to said was, today’s parrot was the first bird origami project I folded that actually looked like a bird.






Anyway, today (after finding an old package of My-T-Fine Lemon Pie Filling at the back of the kitchen cupboard) I planned to  bake my first lemon meringue pie.  I baked the pie shell and cooked the filling, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the egg whites to turn into merengue.  So I ended up with a bald pie that I eat anyway. And not wanting to waste anything,  I did turn the left over pie crust dough into a little snack treat I invented on the spot.DSC09522


They’re filled with a mixture of chopped pecans, butter,  sugar and bourbon that makes them sort of like a pecan pie.  Then I turned the egg where I broke the yolk when I cracked the shell into a omlet for my lunch.DSC09518

No, those aren’t monkey ears on the plate. Those are dried apricots. (Though my brothers and I  always used to call them monkey ears when we were kids.) 

And that was my day.  We have a powerful storm front moving in where they’re predicting the possibility of a potential tornado for overnight tonight and tomorrow night. So my Thursday post could be delayed somewhat.


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