SPRING!  For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you. It can be a flower in bloom (or a field of them!), a May Day celebration, or even some kids enjoying the sun after a long winter indoors. MableMapleIsReady



Since I have two maple trees in my yard, my first sign of spring is the formation of seeds on the tree branches … even before the first leaves begin to sprout. Some people call them whirlybirds or twirlers because of the way the mature dried seeds spin to the ground looking for a place to sprout and give birth to yet another maple seedling. I have other names for them, most of which are unprintable. They litter the lawn, the walks, the drive and clog the guttering around the house. My electric mower now acts like a vacuum to sweep up the twirlers covering the ground. I’ll have to find someone to clean the guttering, since acrophobia keeps me from climbing ladders. On the plus side, when the hundred year plus tall maple that shaded the back lawn and house during the summer was attacked by beetles that tunneled into the heart of the tree and made it unsafe several years ago, two new seedlings popped up to replace it. They’re now on their way to becoming tall shade trees.

This year, the negative aspects of the twirlers were diminished a couple of days ago when high winds and heavy hail and rain storms knocked the majority of the twirlers from the tree branches before they matured.SPRING

And while dandelions and henbit are considered edible harbingers of spring to many …

AllByMyself… they’re just weeds on my nuisance kill list.



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  1. I’ve always been fond of dandelions–probably one of many reasons why I enjoyed Tony Calvert’s story in BGR14.

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