Well, if you’re anything like me …


First I got the leftover Easter ham bone out of the freezer … thawed it out and plopped it in my soup pot and cooked up a big pot of my own ZESTY BEAN SOUP WITH CHUNKY HAM. It’s a bean soup based on my mom’s original recipe made with dried beans that would make the inhabitants of Boston drool. And while it was slowly cooking in the kitchen, I went into the living room and put a DVD into the Blu-Ray player and relived a bit of my childhood. I doubt if anyone reading this post actually remembers this logo….DSC09883But it was the mainstay of the Friday double features of my childhood at the old Salisbury neighborhood movie house in old north Saint Louis.




Yes, I was hooked on the old Tarzan movies made in the forties. Yeah, I know most people prefer the MGM Tarzan movies made in the thirties, but they were to kissy, kissy with Jane fondling Tarzan all the time for a kid growing up. Heck, for this movie Jane wasn’t even in it. She was back in England with her sick mother. But Tarzan wasn’t alone! DSC09880

Boy (Johnny Sheffield) was there with Cheeta, too. Boy really was the one I identified with back then … he was my age and he had a monkey and his own little elephant … and he got to run around the jungle barefoot in his underwear!


Now, a lot of people say Johnny Weissmuller was getting kind of chunky to be Tarzan when he made these movies, but it was 20 years since he had been an Olympic swimming champion where he won five gold medals and in his entire career he never lost one race in which he swam. Besides, he looked like my dad.

Anyway, the movie was made during World War II so Tarzan had to fight against some nasty Nazi soldiers who were trying to steal oil from the all-white natives who lived in a hidden city in the middle of darkest Africa. (OK, so the movie had a few  plot holes.)  Anyway, Tarzan rescues Boy and frees all the natives.DSC09882

And then Tarzan and the natives whomp the tar out of all the Nazis. And Cheeta gets on the radio to Germany, and all the Nazi guys there think it is der fuehrher speaking and they all sieg heil the radio. Hey, you could do that during war-time back then. Probably everyone watching the movie clapped at that.


The DVD was part of a set of the six last Tarzan movies that Weissmuller made in the forties. I was amazed at the quality of the movie, there were no splashes, flashes or lines running through the image.  It was perfect black and white, and the photos I’ve used here were shot from the TV screen. Sound quality was perfect, too. I highly recommend this DVD set to anyone who wants to relive their boyhood experiences like I did. I enjoyed my afternoon, and I might make my Tuesdays a regular old movie afternoon. I don’t think I’m ready for a double feature afternoon yet. Now, does anyone know what ungawa means?Lobby card

Oh, and lest I forget … Bob'sZestyBean&HamSoup

my Zesty Bean Soup w/Chunky Ham was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

But I’ve got enough for six more suppers.


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  1. When I think of Tarzan movies, I think of the wild monkeys that are in the area – left from the movies

  2. … damn around Silver Springs Florida where they were filmed.

    • While Weissmuller lived in Florida himself, most of the movies were filmed in Hollywood … at the MGM lot for the first six and then RKO for the last six. But because the water was very muddy on the lots, they did go to Silver Springs to shoot the swimming scenes and underwater shots. Sheffield noted that swimming in the RKO lot late and river was like swimming in a toilet bowl. The trainer of Cheeta the chimp would have us believe the chimp retired to an animal reserve in Palm Springs where he sold art that he painted until he died at age 80 and actually outlived both Tarzan and Boy. Not many people believe his story, since studio records show that 17 chimps (both male and female) and one six year old boy played the Cheeta, Cheetah, Chita role in the movies.

      • I would totally believe it as there is a primate sanctuary in Palm Harbor – and has been there for about 50 years … back when it opened you could box a chimp … who would of course kick your ass. Of course – that means that place was only opened in the 60’s … but with the cirus close etc… i have no problem believing there could have been several in the area

      • You are right about the wild monkeys around Silver Springs, Florida. A colony of rhesus macaques was established around Silver Springs in Florida around the spring of 1938. The monkeys were released by tour boat operator Colonel Tooey, to enhance his Jungle Cruise ride.

      • BTW, did you ever box a chimp?

  3. I remember the RKO logo but only from reruns. And I watched lots of Tarzan in reruns, too, on Saturday afternoons. As for “ungawa,” it was a made up word, right? But it was part of a cheer we used in high school. I wonder if it’s still used in cheer?

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