Yesterday, my Houston friend Becky posted a button on her blog that  was illustrated with a cartoon cow and noted … EVERY DAY YOU SEE A COW! I disagreed noting, “I haven’t seen a cow in years!”  She replied, “You saw two cows today on my blog.”  CURSES! I was foiled again!  Then I quickly ran to the freezer to check my ice cream bars … phew, I was right, they no longer call them BROWN COWS. And there’s no cow picture in a bullseye on the wrapper anymore. I don’t think they call them Eskimo Pies anymore either. And my milk bottle just says Prairie Farm Dairy on it. My butter cartoon just has an illustration of a stick of butter with the Schnucks brand name. And I surely haven’t watched a western drama in longer that I can shake a cow’s tail or a cow bell for that matter. But, so I don’t make any future claims about never seeing a cow anymore, I got out my origami paper and folded one.DSC09949 And VOILA!  A COW! And really the cow isn’t  green. The paper from which she was folded was patterned with tan squares and the green paper the cow is standing on makes them take on a green cast. Why didn’t I just white paper with black splotches?


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  1. That is an excellent cow, in any shade or hue.

    You must surely see celebrity cows–the California cows, or the Chick-fil-a cows. Commercials have lots of cows. Art and book jackets and the like. Then there are cows all over the Internet–I’m telling you, there is no avoiding Cow Domination. Nor should there be.

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  3. Way back in my early days on the Internet, Jim told me about the California cows. Back then, you could sometimes find the commercials online. Now those cows are everywhere. I just love ’em.

    • Would you believe that we “milked” that post for 21 replies? We also only had one Chick-fil-a in town until a couple of years ago. We also had a lot of independent neighborhood daries up until 20 years ago. Today we only have two local daries.

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