For some unknown reason, our daily rains failed to show up for FRIDAY 13! Instead, Renee and I woke up to rediscover a heavenly blue sky and sunny day you can only find in the Wicket City on the best of all possible days. And while I could have stayed home and mowed the lawn again, I said NO WAY! Today was my day for day tripping! So I slathered on my sun screen … (yes, I had a small basal cell growth removed from my cheek this winter) …  and headed for my corner MetroBus stop.


DSC09963The first thing I discovered was birthday cake celebrating the 150th Birthday of the City of Saint Louis.  As you might have figured out, this one was sponsored by the Saint Louis Shakespeare Festival n’ Forest Park. Every spring the Shakespeare Festival stages one of Shakespeare’s plays in a natural amphitheatre on the side of Art Hill.


This year they are staging TWO plays. Henry IV and Henry V on alternating evenings. And yes, admission is free … but you can leave a monetary donation if you are so inclined.

For those of you who need to brush up on your Shakespeare, they do supply a plot outline and character list billboard.DSC09964

Feel free to brush up by clicking twice on the photo.

Naturally the stage is positioned in a small forest of tall trees.DSC09968

For seating you have the option to rent chairs, spread your blankets and pillows on the ground, or bring your own favorite chairs.DSC09966

Notice that some early arrivals have already staked out their blanket and chair places.  Refreshments are available from a multitude of vendor tents at the top of the hill. And there is a long line of Port-a-potties for nature calls. Prior to the start of the play, buskers, minstrels, jugglers and magicians stroll through the audience. It’s a real fun night! Especially when it doesn’t rain.

Tomorrow, Part Two – I Talk To The Animals!



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  1. St. Louis is so wonderful. And at least one of those cakes has popped up either on Jeff Ricker’s blog or his Instagram.

    • And he just got back into town, too! Well, there’s a total of 250 around here someplace, and I’ve only photographed about seven of them. Well, I’ve got the rest of the year to find more.

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